‘Vidal Sassoon the Movie’ Pays Tribute to the Hair Revolutionary

“How one man changed a world with a pair of scissors.” Vidal Sassoon the Movie is a film that captures the life of influential and brilliant hairdresser Vidal Sassoon who radically revolutionized women’s haircuts in 1960s London.

“My intention was to leave a lasting memory of him that would inspire young people and re-inspire the older generation of hairdressers,” wrote producer and Bumble and Bumble founder Michael Gordon, regarding the making of the movie.

“Vidal Sassoon’s impact is so profound in so many ways, even forty years after his revolution, he is inarguably the most important person in hairdressing, ever. He is the ultimate hero. His life serves as an extraordinary inspiration to millions of people, reminding them what is possible with the right commitment and passion,” Gordon said.

The film, which took three years to make, spans the life of Sassoon from his youth in an orphanage to producing iconic hairstyles as a hairdresser. He’s famed for the geometric perm, “Nancy Kwan” hairstyles and modern, organic cuts that were short, geometric and angular. Sassoon and his architectural hairstyles are revered as liberating women, creating a legacy and changing the industry forever.

Sassoon eventually sold his name to manufacturers of haircare products and tagged the slogan for campaigns, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.”

Sassoon just recently celebrated his 83rd birthday.

Vidal Sassoon the Movie opens February 11 in New York, February 18 in Los Angeles and March 18 in Chicago.

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