Glee’s Silly Love Songs

Some hearts break while others rejoice as Glee club performs love songs for Valentine’s Day!

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Riding high on his quarterback championship win, Finn sets up a kissing booth in order to raise funds for Glee club. He thinks Quinn will eventually give in and kiss him again, and he hopes to get her back. Quinn tells him she won’t kiss him because she doesn’t want to upset Sam.

Will gives Glee club their weekly project: to serenade their partners with a love song for Valentine’s Day. After Santana makes her typical mean comments, everyone gangs up on her and tells her to stop being a bitch. Santana cries to Brittany that she’s just being honest to everyone.

Lauren’s hard to get attitude has Puck vying for her. He serenades Lauren with Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” during Glee club. Lauren tells him he made her feel horrible with that song.

Blaine tells Kurt he needs the Warblers’ help in serenading his crush. Kurt assumes that he’s Blaine’s Valentine until Blain mentions that his crush works at the Gap. Kurt has a sleepover with Rachel and Mercedes and the girls tell him to go to the Gap with Blaine to see who the other guy is.

Rachel approaches Finn at the kissing booth and pays for a kiss. Finn gives her a kiss on the cheek and Rachel freaks out. She tells Finn she still loves him and asks why he can’t just forgive her. Finn hands her a Christmas gift, a star necklace, saying he ordered it before they broke up. Finn thinks Rachel needs to be alone and believes in her star power. Rachel walks off, upset. Meanwhile, Sam’s insecurity about Quinn and Finn annoys Quinn so she buys a kiss from Finn. Sam watches as they kiss. They both see fireworks right after they kiss. Quinn and Sam walk off but Quinn runs back and tells Finn to meet her later.

Mike and Artie talk about how lucky they are to be with the hottest girls in school. They sing Michael Jackson’s “Pretty Young Thing.”

Santana tries to get Puck to agree on a date with her but Lauren overhears. Lauren and Santana fight and Puck pleads with Lauren to go out with him. Lauren tells him to come up with a more formal proposal. Later, Lauren meets Puck at the library and Puck gets down on one knee to ask her out. They agree to go to Breadstix.

Blaine takes the Warblers to serenade Jeremiah at the Gap. They sing “When I Get You Alone” by Robin Thicke. After, Jeremiah tells Blaine that he just got fired and they’re not dating. Later, Kurt admits that he thought Blaine was going to ask him out. Blaine apologizes for being clueless and admits he doesn’t know how to be in a relationship.

Quinn meets Finn in the auditorium and says she’s in love with both him and Sam. Finn tells her she needs to choose eventually and they kiss.

Puck kisses a random waitress when Lauren stands him up at Breadstix. The next day, Puck confronts Lauren and she tells him she wants to take things slow. They agree to start as friends.

At Glee club, Santana sees couples around her and wonders why she’s single. She notices Quinn and Finn’s looks to each other and realizes they’re fooling around. She decides to get revenge. She goes to the hospital and kisses someone with mono. She later goes and kisses Finn at his kissing booth.

Tina sings “My Funny Valentine” to Mike while she sobs, overcome with love. Finn tells Glee club he kissed every girl in school to raise money but Schuester says it’s still not enough to get them to Nationals. Finn asks Schuester if he could leave because he feels sick. Quinn also says she’s not feeling well. Santana points out the coincidence and sneers that they have mono. Sam isn’t sure that’s possible because he saw them kiss, and it was just a peck. Quinn and Finn go to the nurse together.

At the nurse’s office, Quinn and Finn learn that they do have mono. Quinn tells Finn they have to stop until she figures out what’s going with her and Sam and he figures out what he has with Rachel. After Quinn leaves, Rachel arrives and asks Finn if he kissed Quinn. Finn admits to the kiss and says it felt like fireworks. In tears, Rachel thanks him for giving her the strength to move on and sings Katy Perry’s “Firework.” Later, Glee club attends Kurt’s “Lonely Hearts Dinner” at Breadstix where the Warblers perform Paul McCartney and Wings’ “ Silly Love Songs.”

Rolla’s Rant:

This episode was cute overall, but the musical performances weren’t that amazing (definitely not as great as “Thriller” last episode!). I was expecting a bit more, perhaps, even love ballads. And why wasn’t Sue in this episode? I was hoping to get her twisted take on Valentine’s Day!

The scenes between Rachel and Finn were pretty good this episode. Usually, I find them either too cheesy or forced, but this time I actually felt sorry for Rachel. Even though it’s great to see more of Puck lately, and though I definitely enjoyed him trying to win Lauren over, the emphasis on her weight was a bit too much. Yes, she’s overweight, we get it. Move on! I really like Blaine, and I could see why Kurt likes him. Even though his expressions are a tad cheesy when he sings, he’s such a cutie! The question is will these two get together? And did anyone else notice that look Santana and Sam shared at the end? Could this be a future couple if and when Quinn and Finn get together? Stay tuned!

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