Jennifer Aniston Banned Heidi Montag From Movie Premiere

Heidi Montag, who had a cameo in the new romantic comedy Just Go With It, is claiming that Jennifer Aniston banned her from walking the red carpet at the movie’s premiere in LA Tuesday night.


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“I’m so upset,” the former reality star Montag, 24, tells Us Weekly (on stands now). “I was so excited! This is the first movie I’ve ever been in and I can’t walk the red carpet because Jennifer Aniston decided I was ‘too polarizing.’”

“I’ve been such a huge Jennifer Aniston fan my entire life and it’s just really upsetting that she would do this to me,” says Montag. “She should know how hard it is to make a career for yourself and to have someone like Jennifer Aniston go out of her way to make things hard for me is really disheartening.”

Aniston’s rep denies Montag’s claim saying, “This is absolutely false. Jennifer has nothing to do with who was or was not invited.”

Do you think Aniston “banned” Montag from the movie premiere, or is this just another Montag ploy for attention?

Click here to see photos from the Just Go With It movie premiere in LA.

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  1. Abby Terlecki says:

    Both suck. Haha. Just kidding.

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