Ke$ha Spends Thousands on Glitter a Month, Loves Creepy Old Men

Not Grammy-nominated Ke$ha opened up to Vanity Fair’s Eric Spitznagel and their sardonic conversation turned my Ke$ha indifference into a certain level of admiration. I never really thought of Ke$ha as more than a sloppy hot mess of glitter and the rough-looking gal on the radio who sang, “Wake up in the morning fee – lin’ like P. Diddy.”   

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Turns out that with a little insight, Ke$ha and I have more in common than I realized ever before and I’m certain that we’d be friends.  

Admittedly, I also, once, had an affinity for glitter. Years upon years ago, I too delighted in wearing excess amounts of glitter. I outlined my eyes with glitter for high school football games, spirit days and half time shows. Hairspray glitter also had a strong presence during my cheerleading heydays. 

Who knows? If glitter was within my budget, maybe I’d still be wearing that Wal-Mart Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen glitter on a daily basis, receiving compliments and followers, I’m sure.  

One of our biggest common denominators though may very well be our mutual respect for Dinosaurs.  

Singer/songwriter Ke%ha (damn dollar sign yields me to spell her name like ”Kesha” as it should) explained that her songs are written about personal, “horribly entertaining” experiences that have happened to her and her friends.  

Hence, the song “Dinosaur,” which is a tribute to “creepy old men” who frequently hit on her in bars.  

“I love that they have so much self-confidence, despite having no evidence whatsoever to back it up,” Kesha said.  

Also like Kesha, I res…oluted to work on some self-improvement this year. Kesha announced that her New Years resolution was ”to not be a douchebag.”  

When Spitznagel asked her how it’s been working for almost two months in, Kesha responded, “Thus far, I think I’m doing a pretty decent job. I’m not saying I don’t fuck up here and there. But for the most part, I think the douchery has been kept to a minimum.”  

Interestingly, Spitznagel got to the bottom of Kesha’s liberal use of glitter and what stands behind that signature dollar sign. Kesha explained that she loves glitter to glittery pieces, yet her love doesn’t come at a modest price.  

Spending thousands of dollars a month on glitter seems economically cavalier, especially because true sparkle comes from within. But because I have already decided that we’d make the best of friends and I am a woman of my word, I’ll keep my judgment at bay. Everyone has a right to their own vices. Plus, buying, wearing and spreading outrageous amounts of glitter seems to be aspirational for Kesha.  

“It’s my goal to cover the planet in glitter and take the fuck over,” Kesha said. “I can’t do that if I don’t have a shit-ton of glitter.”  

As for the “$?” 

Kesha revealed that her personal choice to replace the “s” in her name with shift 4 symbolizes ”how ridiculously poor” she used to be. Now, “it’s also a symbol for glitter, debauchery and youthfulness.”  

Spitznagel also garnered interesting facts about Kesha such as she’d love to collaborate with Oscar the Grouch, she really does rinse and gargle with Jack because it’s an anti-bacterial, she owns her own tattoo gun, and she loves keytars “because it’s a phallic representation of a keyboard.”

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