Glee Gets Bieber Fever!

Tonight’s episode titled “Comeback” had Glee club showing off their Bieber fever and Sue joining the gang for a performance!

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The episode kicks off with Emma telling Will that Sue left a suicide note. They find Sue in her home utterly depressed over losing Regionals with the Cheerios. They convince her to join Glee club to make her feel better. Sue starts by seeing this as a great opportunity to tear Glee club apart. She even tries to pit Mercedes against Rachel by spreading lies about what each one of them said about each other.

In an effort to make her comeback, Rachel pays Brittany to dress like her so that she could influence the rest. When the girls start dressing like Rachel, they give all the credit to Brittany leaving Rachel upset.

At Glee club, Will instructs everyone to perform an “anthem” in preparation for Regionals. Their competition at this year’s Regionals is Aural Intensity and the Dalton Academy Warblers. Meanwhile, Sam fears losing Quinn to Finn, so he gets his Biebs on and suggests Glee does a Bieber number for Regionals. Sam calls his act“The Justin Bieber Experience.” He sings Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and the girls of Glee go crazy. Mike, Artie, and Puck ask Sam to let them join in the Bieber experience. Finn refuses to join. The boys put on their Biebs gear and perform “Somebody To love” ala boy band style. Afer, Santana approaches Sam and hits on him, while Quinn tells Finn she chooses Sam.

Finn shows up to the next Glee practice with his Bieber gear on. Mercedes and Rachel have their diva-off by performing “Take Me or Leave Me” from Broadway’s “Rent.”  Sue wonders where the hate is. In an effort to make her feel better, Schuester takes Sue to the pediatric cancer ward to sing to kids with cancer. They sing “This Little Light of Mine,” and we even see Sue tear up!

Puck asks Lauren what he has to do to get her to go out with him. Lauren seeks out his help in her first solo performance. She tells him she’s nervous about singing and Puck shares his trick: to imagine people in their underwear. Lauren ends up using this trick when she rocks out to “I Know What Boys Like” by The Waitresses.

Meanwhile, Santana tells Sam that Quinn cheated on him with Finn and offers to be his mistress so that he can gain momentum over Finn.

Sue tells Schuester that their hospital visit inspired her. She wants to perform with Glee club this week. Sue and the gang sing My Chemical Romance’s “Sing.”

Later in the hall, Sam tells Quinn that they’re not together anymore and he’s going out with Santana. At Glee club, Schuester announces that they’ll be using their My Chemical Romance performance as their song for Regionals. Rachel objects, saying that they should do an original song. Schuester takes a vote and everyone agrees to My Chemical Romance’s song. After the students leave, Sue walks in and announces that she’ll be the new coach for Aural Intensity. She’s happy to dedicate her life to destroying his and Glee club’s.

Meanwhile, Finn tells Rachel she should write and propose an original song to win Regionals. He says he believes in her and the Rachel he knew is making a comeback.

Rolla’s Rant:

First, no matter how much I like to poke fun of the Biebs on here, Glee did a superb job with incorporating the Tween icon into the show! Sam’s performance of “Baby” was awesome! I dig this blonde Bieber, and his performance was even better than the Biebs himself. The guys tackling Bieber’s “Somebody To Love” made me giggle even!

The diva-off performance was pretty darn sassy and nothing short of what I expected. What I never expected was to see Sue perform along with the gang! Though she wasn’t the focus in that performance, the idea of her joining with Glee for one week was pretty awesome. And the scenes with her and Will at the hospital were quite touching. Kudos Glee writers!

I’m not liking Santana and Sam together, but he was definitely right to ditch Quinn. Do we see Rachel and Finn getting back together? Or will Quinn being single make her go back to Finn? And more importantly – should Finn go back to her? Although Quinn annoys me less than Rachel, I’d prefer him with Rachel after the stint that Quinn pulled!

Only thing missing this episode was Kurt and Blaine!

Overall, great episode. It even had me singing Bieber after!

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