Lil’ Kim New Album Cover Features Beheaded Nicki Minaj

The art work for Lil’ Kim’s new album, which came out February 14, is quite controversial. The Black Friday album cover features Kim with a knife and a beheaded Nicki Minaj in a pool of blood.


The album features a track called Black Friday that attacks Minaj, with lyrics calling Minaj a “Lil’ Kim Clone” among other things, and mocked Minaj’s album Pink Friday.

This may seem harsh, but Minaj has played a part in this feud between the two female rappers. Minaj called Lil’ Kim a “has been” on the song Roman’s Revenge last year.

In an interview in November Minaj said, “The same way [Lil' Kim] opened doors for me, I’m opening doors for her. Nobody was playin your music and you damn sure couldn’t get an interview. You getting interviews [now] and every time you do interviews they’re asking you about Nicki. So it’s like we help each other. I respect you, I love you, I’ve said it in every interview time and time again. And if that’s not good enough with you, mama, then it’s something deep-rooted in you. It’s not Nicki Minaj.”

Do you think these two will ever move past all the negative comments they’ve both made and be friends?

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  1. Cornbread says:

    I like yu both bt I think its tyme for kim to move on its nicki turn turn..

  2. Mickie says:

    Piggy Minaj needs to respect the Queen. She came into the game dissing Kim & Foxy. Well now that fake plastic barbie has to answer to the Queen.

  3. kay says:

    I think kim is hating on nikki…so what she dissed kim…kim dont want to see nikki i bet!

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