Vanessa Hudgens Debuts New Tattoo

Beastly’s Vanessa Hudgens got a butterfly tattoo on her neck – and it’s not temporary like the hennas that have recently decorated her hands.

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Australian MTV VJ Ruby Rose accompanied her friend Hudgens, 22, when she got inked, Us Weekly reports.

“Please don’t blame me, but I may have convinced Vanessa Hudgens to get a tattoo – her first,” 24-year-old Rose tweeted.

Visit Us for a glance at Hudgen’s fierce tattoo.

Not to steal Hudgen’s tattoo thunder, but actress Hilary Duff also debuted a new tattoo earlier this week. It reads, “thick as thieves,” which is the latest addition to her other five tattoos. Duff has “me petite amie” on her upper midsection, “shine” on her middle finger, a star on her neck and “let it be” on her foot.

Celebrities love permanent self expression. Stars such as Christina Applegate, Nicole Richie and Katy Perry are veterans when it comes to getting inked. See who got Aslan from “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” on her back to represent how she escaped her tormented teenage years, who got a tattoo spelled wrong and who has “Jesus” on the inside of her wrist.

Heidi Klum: “Seal” and three stars on her arm
Lea Michele: Music notes; “I believe” on her wrist; “Imagine” on her foot
Katy Perry: “Anuugacchati Pravaha,” meaning “go with the flow” on her bicep; strawberry on her ankle and “Jesus” on her wrist
Hayden Panettiere: “Vivere senza rimpianti,” notably spelled wrong, meaning “live without regrets” on her back
Jessica Alba: Bow on lower back and Sanskrit word for lotus on her wrist
Penelope Cruz: “883″ on her ankle
Charlize Theron: Koi fish on her ankle
Nicole Richie: Rosemary wrapped around her ankle among eight other tattoos
Gisele Bundchen: Star on wrist
Christina Ricci: Aslan the lion from “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”
Christina Applegate: “Agape” on her ankle

See other celeb tattoos at!

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