Glee Blames it on the Alcohol!

Tonight’s Glee, “Blame it on the Alcohol” had the gang partying, smooching, and showing up to school hungover!

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Principal Figgins tells Will that they need to highlight the dangers of teenage drinking because students have been showing up drunk at school.

Will tells Emma he wants to be friends again and Emma tells him he should date someone. Sue overhears and tells Will to check-in to rehab preemptively as she thinks he’ll become an alcoholic. Sue explains that her Glee club, Aural Intensity, will win over Will’s New Directions. She vows to destroy Glee club and make him an alcoholic.

Puck tries to convince Rachel to throw a party at her house since her dads will be away for the weekend. Rachel refuses. Finn asks Rachel how the original song is going and Rachel hugs him and says they need to break the tension between them and focus on their mission to win Regionals. She performs her original song “My Headband” about a headband. Finn tells her the song sucks. Rachel says she needs inspiration for a song. Finn suggests if she wants to be an artist she should do some living. Rachel admits she doesn’t know how to live as she’s never even had a drink. She storms off to find Puck about a party at her house. News spreads around McKinley that Rachel is throwing a house party and the Glee kids agree to attend.

Kurt and Blaine show up at Rachel’s party, along with the rest of the Glee gang. After Rachel hands out a limit of two drink tickets for wine coolers, everyone says they’re bored. Puck begs Rachel to let him into her dads’ alcohol stash. Rachel finally agrees and they all get drunk. Kurt and Finn are the only ones not drinking because Kurt wants to be sober enough to impress Blaine, and Finn is the designated driver. Rachel asks Finn to break down the way things are when everyone’s drunk. Finn begins classifying everyone as certain type of drunk. Brittany is the stripper drunk. Quinn and Lauren are the mean drunks. Santana is the weepy drunk. Tina and Mercedes are the happy drunks. He calls Rachel the needy drunk. In order to prove to him that she’s not needy, Rachel announces that they should all play spin the bottle. During spin the bottle, Brittany kisses Sam as Santana seethes in jealousy. Rachel shares a steamy kiss with Blaine as Kurt watches. Rachel announces that she’s found a new duet partner and her and Blaine perform “Don’t You Want Me” by The Human League.

The next day, Kurt’s dad finds a disoriented Blaine in Kurt’s bed. Back at school on Monday, New Directions arrive at school with a hangover and Artie suggests they drink Bloody Mary’s to soothe them. They perform “Blame At On The Alcohol” by Jamie Foxx at Glee club. Will is impressed with their accuracy in depicting drunks, wants them to find a song that shows the dangers of alcohol. The kids argue there are no songs to show the dangers.

A buzzed Rachel calls Blaine and asks him out while he’s with Kurt. Blaine agrees to the date, but Kurt asks him how he could say yes if he’s gay. Blaine says he’s confused and needs to figure things out. Kurt thinks he’s going back in the closet. Blaine gets upset and can’t believe Kurt’s judging him.

Later, Coach Bieste invites Will to a honky-tonk bar with her. They end up drunk at the bar. Coach Bieste gets Will onstage and together they perform “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” by Amos Milburn. Later, Coach Bieste takes Will and he tells her he can’t see anything wrong with drinking responsibly. Coach Bieste agrees but says they still need to make aware of the dangers of drinking. Will continues to drink as he grades papers. He drunk dials someone and leaves a provocative message.

Kurt helps Rachel clean up after the party and Rachel tells him that her date with Blaine was fun. She thinks Blaine is conflicted about his sexuality. Kurt warns her that Blaine is gay and they’ll never have chemistry. Rachel says she’s going to kiss Blaine while they’re both sober and prove to Kurt that they do have chemistry.

Will shows up at school hung-over and apologizes to Emma for drunk-dialing her. Emma says he never called her. Sue approaches Will and tells him she’s trying to help him by intervening with his drinking problem.

While cooking, Kurt tells his dad about Blaine and Rachel dating. His dad asks Kurt not to be inappropriate by having gay guys sleep over.

At the alcohol awareness assembly, Principal Figgins gives a brief speech to introduce New Directions. Meanwhile, the kids drink a mixed cocktail backstage to ease their nerves. They perform “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha but in the middle of the performance, Brittany and Santana throw up and shock everyone! A few days later, Sue makes a school announcement on the intercom system and blames Will publicly for Glee’s drinking. She announces that Will drunk dialed her and plays the provocative message for everyone to hear.

The Glee club and Will meet with Principal Figgins, who congratulates them for their performance and says it’s deterred students from displaying drunk behavior.

At Glee rehearsal, Will says he never wants to see New Directions drinking and even announces that he’s going to stop drinking himself. Will asks them to stop drinking at least until after Nationals. He hands out pledge forms with his cell phone number and asks them if they ever drink, to call him. Will promises he’ll buy them sparkling cider after Nationals.

Rachel and Kurt meet and wait for Blaine, so that Rachel can prove to Kurt that they do have chemistry. Blaine arrives and Rachel kisses him. Blaine realizes he’s gay and thanks her for giving him his answer. He walks off and Rachel thanks Kurt for giving her the inspiration to write the Glee original song.

Rolla’s Rant

Okay, so while this was quite an entertaining and well-done episode – was the drunkenness at a high school a bit too exaggerated or was it just me? I could see why this episode might cause a bit of an outrage with parents over teenage drinking. What was the message in the end? Drink responsibly, even if it’s underage drinking – or don’t drink at all? Whatever it was, at least Glee tackled it somewhat realistically, in the sense that kids are going to drink even it’s illegal, so perhaps they’re still trying to spread the message that it’s not as glamorous as pop culture makes it seem? Thoughts?

Now to the Blaine and Rachel story – if Blaine was actually straight, I could see them being the next power couple. Both over-achievers in their performances, this would’ve been cool to see. It was, however, interesting that Glee questioned Blaine’s sexuality. I wonder if this will leave Blaine realizing he has feelings for Kurt? Meanwhile, there seems to be some tender moments between Rachel and Finn, and less with Quinn and Finn – will Finn and Rachel get back together?

As for the performances, Artie always makes performances like “Blame it on the Alcohol” that much better. Brittany taking the lead in the performance of Kee-money-sign-A’s “Tik-Tok” was awesome. She’s super talented! Coach Bieste and Will’s performance and friendship is developing into something quite endearing (did anyone else think that Coach Bieste was going to kiss Will at his place? Ha!).

Principal Figgins and Sue – as funny as ever!

Tonight’s episode was probably a good indication of what Glee would be like if you ever tuned in buzzed!

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