Glee Star Speaks Up Against Rosie O’Donnell

Ashley Fink, who plays Lauren Zizes on Fox’s Glee gives her take on Rosie O’Donnell’s criticisms against Glee.

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O’Donnell bashed Glee last week on Access Hollywood for their unlikable overweight character in Lauren. She was not pleased after Lauren made her singing debut last week with her performance of the Waitresses’ “I Know What Boys Like.”

O’Donnell explained, “I have to believe that Ryan (Murphy) and Brad (Falchuk) have something up their sleeve and that [Lauren] can really sing because ‘I Know What Boys Like’ last night was not what I was expecting. I was expecting a whole Shrek-like reveal where Puck becomes Fiona-ish. I was just like, ‘Where’s the Susan Boyle moment? She’s gonna belt it out of the park!’ … I was like, ‘I want more than this.’”

Fink couldn’t believe O’Donnell’s criticism. “It’s so crazy. Rosie’s been talking about me for a bit now, and it was very positive. Then she was on Access Hollywood … and for some reason she decided to talk about me again.” Fink told The Advocate.

“I’ve been a fan of Rosie’s for a long time … so I am surprised at the comments she made. I’ve got swagger, too, so I don’t find my storyline unrealistic. When I went to performing arts high school, I did date the cutest boy in school, and I sang whatever song I wanted. My storyline has resonated with a lot of people, plus-sized and not.”

“If I see (Rosie), I might be like, ‘Woman, let’s talk about this. Don’t be jealous ‘cause a big girl’s doing her thing on Glee.’Some of her comments were strange to me. But she was supportive originally, and I think she’s still supportive … I’m really happy with my character, I’m proud to play her, and I’m having a blast.” Fink told the magazine.

Fink and Amber Riley, who stars as Mercedes Jones, both play over-weight characters on Glee. Fink sees this as important to the show and in the media, overall. “The whole plus-sized thing is so relevant in the media, but it’s so much less of a big deal in real life,” Fink explained.

I think what Glee’s doing with their overweight characters is quite interesting and obviously thought provoking. I’m not sure I agree with Fink on her saying being over-weight is less of a big deal in real life, though. Thoughts?

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