James Franco Bombs as Oscar Host, Bails on His Own After-Party

Oscar co-host James Franco was painful to watch as he stood stiff on stage at the 2011 83rd Academy Awards. Despite wearing his signature smile, Franco, 32, appeared disinterested and aloof. Perhaps sensing the humiliation of his failure as an entertainer who let down his Oscar co-host Anna Hathaway, Franco even skipped out on his own after-party.


James Franco / Photo Credit: PRPhotos.com

Franco immediately headed to NYC following the awards ceremony and tweeted as he sipped a Bloody Mary while still in his tux, “Goodbye L.A. It was fun! Time to head back to class.”

(Bye James!)

On board to New York, Franco left behind the L.A. Supper Club after-party perhaps lamenting just what had transpired hours before – on stage in front of millions of people and Hollywood’s most distinguished.

To Franco’s disinterest, The Supper Club was reported to be a “bust” anyway.

“Blasé,” “bore-fest,” “hit a new low,” “dull” – Last night’s unexciting event has been largely criticized due to the disappointment of Franco as a host and entertainer. Hathaway’s performance has been more forgivable as she’s been described as having worked her “derriere off” to compensate for Franco’s comedic pitfalls – if not for his lack of presence alone.

Perhaps Franco and Hathaway were a subpar movie star duo who was too young and inexperienced with zero chemistry; movies stars, yes, but not big movie stars, critics exclaim.

“Ms. Hathaway was better alone than at Mr. Franco’s side,” said The New York Times. “Their stage personas clashed: Mr. Cooler-Than-Thou and Miss Eager-to-Please never really synched.”

The Salon said that it was after Franco’s confusing Marilyn Monroe drag skit that he checked out and got distracted by his own thoughts – appearing “practically dead onscreen.”

“Franco looked like he was too cool to be there half of the time and like the lights were too bright for him the other half, forcing a squint that made his tight-lipped smile look more like disdain,” described The Hollywood Reporter.

Choosing Franco and Hathaway as Oscar hosts was intended to attract a younger audience, and it was  audiences of every age who were uncomfortable while watching the downfall of Franco and Hathaway as they attempted to survive the Oscars. To me, the Oscar-nominated actor gave up on a superb and gratifying Oscar performance before he even stepped out on the stage. With his questionable mutterings and difficult-to-understand digressions, Franco’s been a bit peculiar lately, unrelated to the Oscars. Is it an attitude of superiority? A publicity stunt? Or a real Pineapple Express way of life?

Franco has most likely already moved on from last night’s event, but for the moment, the 127 Hours star is known quite frankly “as the guy who sucked worse than Letterman and Whoopi, the yutz who made the Oscars even more boring than they might have been already.”

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  1. CS says:

    James Franco was dreadful as a host.

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