Glee Gets Sexy!

Gwyneth Paltrow returns to Glee as a substitute sex ed teacher, Will teaches the kids about sex, and Santana and Brittany’s friendship gets complicated.

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In tonight’s Glee, titled “Sexy,” Emma leads the Celibacy Club and complains that it’s hard for kids to practice abstinence. Holly Holliday (Paltrow) returns as a substitute sex-ed teacher and tells Will that Glee club is too uneducated about sex. They agree to teach the kids about sex and Holly performs Joan Jett’s “Do You Wanna Touch Me There (Oh Yeah).”

Sue tells Kurt and Blaine that New Directions is going to try to be more sexy than the Warblers at Regionals. Blaine encourages the Warblers to have a more sexy performance and they perform “Animal” by Neon Trees.

Emma tells Will that she’s not pleased with Holly’s behavior with the kids. She thinks Holly is too sexy. Meanwhile, Brittany and Santana discuss their relationship and Brittany is confused about her emotions for Santana. They seek help from Holly, who tells them that being attracted to one another doesn’t say enough about emotions. Later, Will and Holly practice “Kiss” by Prince and Will admits he wants to be with Holly. She, however, turns him down nicely, saying that he’s too nice of a guy for her to bring down.

Kurt tells Blaine that he doesn’t know how to act sexy and Blaine tries to educate him. Kurt doesn’t want to hear it. Later, Blaine goes to Burt and tells him that his son needs his help when it comes to sexual education for gays. He encourages Burt to have that talk since he and Kurt are already so close.

At Glee practice, Holly, Santana, and Brittany sing the Dixie Chicks’ “Landslide” while Santana and Brittany share emotional glances.

While at another Celibacy Club meeting, Emma welcomes Puck as the newest member. Puck is there because he’s worried that he’d want to make a sex tape with Lauren that would get him arrested. Emma suggests they perform a song about abstinence and with the help of Carl (John Stamos), they sing “Afternoon Delight” by Starland Vocal Band, unaware that it’s actually about sex. After the performance, Carl asks Holly if she’d counsel him and Emma on a marriage problem they’ve been having. Later, Carl reveals that he and Emma haven’t had sex yet, even after four months of marriage. Emma admits that she still has feelings for Will. Hurt, Carl tells Emma they need to separate for a while.

At home, Burt gives Kurt some pamphlets on safe sex and tries to have a talk with him. Kurt refuses, but listens uncomfortably and thanks his father for his advice.

Back at McKinley, Santana emotionally tells Brittany that she has feelings for her and wants to be with her, but she’s afraid of the backlash she’d experience from others. Brittany says she loves Artie but promises that she’d be with her if she and Artie don’t work out. Santana gets upset with her. Meanwhile, Lauren makes fun of Puck for joining the Celibacy Club but then kisses him and says she’ll join too. At their next meeting, everyone questions a Quinn’s hickey, but she claims it’s just a burn. She then recalls making out with Finn.

Later, Holly tells Will that she’s going to supply at another school but doesn’t want to say bye to him. They kiss and agree this isn’t goodbye.

Rolla’s Rant:

I don’t have much to say about the performance this week, besides that I really enjoyed Paltrow’s performance of “Landslide.” They were alright, but the episode was based more on dialogue and story this week. It was nice to see Gwyneth Paltrow back on the show. I guess she’s getting Glee some high ratings for them to leave her exit open ended. Will she repeatedly guest star as Will’s girlfriend, or will Emma’s feelings for Will surface and become a storyline?

With regards to Brittany and Santana – since when were they in love? I always thought their subtle lesbian or bi-sexual tendencies were just that. It’s interesting to see the show going in this direction and adding more depth to both of these characters. It’s also great to see that Rachel and Finn aren’t the centre of this show lately!

Other than that, I thought they could’ve done so much more with Sue on the topic of sex-ed to make this episode more entertaining.

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