Gretchen Rossi Handbag Line Selling Out

The Real Housewives of Orange County has returned to Bravo for its 6th season. During its premiere, Gretchen debuted her exclusive handbag collection from her Gretchen Christine brand. Rossi’s collection that sells online is now almost sold out with only a few styles left!

Gretchen Rossi,

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Rossi’s leather purses range from $129 – $279 and are available in colors such as bronze, champagne, coral, red, camel and black. Various styles include totes, doctor handbags, satchels and clutches.

Housewife Vicki Gunvalson isn’t very impressed with Rossi’s business endeavors.

“I did not just slap my Gretchen Christine logo on some bags as Vicki so harshly tried to tear my business down,” Rossi blogged.

“I created, designed, and personally picked the leather and all the details for all my bags. It took me over eight months to create my pearlized leather collection. I worked with the head designer of my manufacturer and created the bags from scratch based off my own personally drawings of what I wanted,” Rossi added.

And Rossi doesn’t create her bags for Gunvalson. She designs and sells them for her fans and customers who love the Gretchen Christine brand – fans like Kristen Cavallari who “rocked” a Gretchen Christine pearlized clutch on the red carpet for The Hills finale.

Each bag is designed with a customized wall to fit Gretchen Christine Beaute products. For true fans, they can carry a specially designed Gretchen Christine bag and go glam with GC eye shadow, lip stick, lip plumbers and eye liner.

The self-proclaimed quintessential Orange County girl hopes that her collections, accessories and products become as successful as the Jessica Simpson brand.

“I started with handbags, but plan on expanding it to all the things a girl can find in her closet; from shoes, to hats, to clothes, casual wear and accessories!” says Rossi, whose brand is about educating women on how to look and feel their best.

 Watch the sixth season of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County on Sundays at 10/9 c.

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  1. Brenda says:

    I loved almost all the styles and colors of Gretchen’s handbags, and I’m disappointed that I discovered them too late. I’ll be watching and waiting for more great styles from Gretchen. ;-)
    One would think the fact that Gretchen’s purses have almost completely sold out would be enough to shut Vicki up re: her constant judgment of others. But alas, desperately unhappy people like Vicki will always project their negativity upon others in a feeble attempt to make themselves feel less insecure.

  2. Joan says:

    Gretchen is a fake. She faked her relationship with Jeff, her horse teeth, hair and nose are fakes. Poor Gretchen a uneducated loose women who is being sued by two people because she bad mouthed them and cheated them. Sad wmen with a sad fiance. Slimey get lost, get a job and stop being a pimp.

  3. Tamra Saltzman says:

    Gretchen is wonderful and a good spirit. Being knocked down publicy is horrible. Vicky has left the show because she is an ungreatful person and needs to clean up her own backyard before getting into someones private life. Same with Tamara. Please get your purse line back up and running. I would love to order some, since spring is gone maybe you should look into a Fall Collection. That would be a money maker for sure.

  4. cindylouwho says:

    I cannot imagine why anyone would buy any Gretchen thing.

    you can go to TjMax & get real stuff.

    I believe Vicki is correct that Gretchen just put her label on a ready made line .that is how most brands work and this is exactly hoW Gretchen did her cosmetic line

  5. Kim says:

    Gretchen’s handbags look wonderful! She’s a business women who works hard – - unlike some of the other Housewives. She too a risk and started a make up line and handbag company and as Slade says, I’m sure she’s laughing at everyone as she goes to the bank. I don’t think she used Jeff at all. He was a smart business man and I seriously doubt he would let a “gold-digger” into the most meaningful part of his life. My only frustration is that I can’t figure out how to buy one of her bags!! lol!

  6. Asha07 says:

    This was not a real press release. There are 4 misspellings and grammar mistakes, which means this was no release by a PR firm and was most likely done by Gretchen or someone directly at her company. Why does this matter? Because the copy makes it appear to be an impartial observance of Gretchen and her bags, rather than a marketing piece for her bags, which it is. And most “celebrities” license their name and logo for bags, clothing, etc.-it’s not new or immoral. What is a problem is Gretchen claiming that she designed the bags and hardware, which was not the case; the maufacturer has those same brands available on its site and anyone reading this could get them made with our name or logo on them. She needs to just be honest about her endeavors.

  7. Bags2011 says:

    I believe Vicki is correct that Gretchen just put her label on a ready made line .

  8. Kelly says:

    What if she did put her name on a ready made line? What difference does it make? Do you think that Jessica Simpson designs all of her own products? Or Jaclyn Smith? Get real. All of these celebrities have licensing deals where they put their names on products. So what!

    Sounds like a lot of people are jealous of Gretchen.

  9. Notafan says:

    Wow! How appropriate that Gretchen has cornered the market on “lip plumbers”!!! Also looking forward to the “customized wall”. What a joke!

  10. Jeana67 says:

    I love her…the only problem I have with Gretchen is she talks crap about her own boyfriend on tv. I think sometimes she is a little to sassy. I do really like her though.

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