Brad Womack Proposes to Emily During The Final Rose Ceremony

The always emotional and intensely dramatic Brad Womack gave Emily Maynard a rose during this season’s final rose ceremony, sending Chantal O’Brien home with her tears.

Photo Credit: ABC

In all of Brad’s 38 years, he’s never felt so confident about Emily, the quintessential southern bell and his leap of faith… his once in a lifetime.

The 15th season of¬†The Bachelor’s finale introduces finalists Emily Maynard and Chantal O’Brien to Brad’s family in Africa. After Brad finished sobbing uncontrollably when he saw his family that included his mom and two brothers, he introduced friendly and outgoing Chantal. Although his family liked Chantal, they were ¬†impressed by Emily and thought that she was the one. Brad’s family thought Emily was poised, not shy, and the one woman who made Brad truly happy.

Unbeknownst to Chantal, there was a lot riding on her and Brad’s final date. The couple swam with sharks and Chantal dove right in to the shark cage, which is what Brad loved about her – her risk-taking, excitement and laughter. That evening, Chantal showed her love to Brad by giving him a hand-drawn world map with red dots marking spots where they had shared great moments together.

Emily and Brad’s final date turned heated when Brad expressed how ready and excited he was to be a part of Emily’s family. Emily responded by continuing to question if Brad was ready for the difficult role of being a father. Brad admitted that he was near mad after telling Emily that he wanted nothing more than to be a provider and father. After getting some water, Brad left Emily for the night saying that he felt “defeated” and “shot down,” possibly on his way to knock on his therapist’s door.

Although Emily thought that she had messed things up that night because of her tendency to be guarded, she won Brad’s heart. She is ultimately the “incredible woman” who Brad feels so unexplainably¬†confident about – who Brad loves with all of his heart and who he wants to spend the rest of his life with…

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  1. LIsa says:

    Does anyone know what song they played during the last rose ceremony right after Brad proposed to Emily<

  2. AbbyTerlecki says:

    Marry Me by Train

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