Glee’s Original Songs at Regionals!

New Directions perform their original songs at Regionals on tonight’s Glee!

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The show begins with the Warblers practicing Maroon 5’s “Misery” for Regionals. Kurt thinks that other group members should have the chance to show off their talents during the performance. Later, Kurt sadly tells the Warblers that their mascot parrot passed away. He performs The Beatles’ “Blackbird” as a tribute while Blaine watches, moved. Blaine then announces that he’d like to perform a duet with Kurt at Regionals. Meanwhile, Rachel performs her original song, “Only Child” to Finn, who tells her she needs to write something more meaningful. Quinn eavesdrops and decides she has to keep her enemy close – Rachel.

At rehearsal, Will announces that (thanks to Sue) My Chemical Romance will not allow New Directions to perform their song at Regionals. The gang decides to all try writing their own songs to perform. Later in the hall, Santana and Brittany find dirt in their lockers, courtesy of Sue. Back at practice, Santana performs a seductive original song called “Trouty Mouth” which she dedicates to Sam. After that, Puck sings his original song “Big Ass…Heart” for Lauren. Will appreciates the enthusiasm of the songs, but says they still need something bigger for Regionals.

Later, Quinn tells Finn they need to make their relationship public after Regionals so that they could win Prom King and Queen. Later, Mercedes belts out her sassy original song, “Hell to the No.” Will is impressed but says they still need something more meaningful. He then asks the kids to name some things that get them fired up. Once they name some nasty things that Sue has done to them, Will pens the song title, “Loser Like Me” and says they need to start writing. Later, Quinn tells Rachel that she needs to back off of Finn and move on. Hurt and distraught, Rachel uses her emotions to write a song for Regionals called “Get it Right.”

At Dalton, Blaine tells Kurt he wants to do a duet with him because he has feelings for him. The two share their first kiss.

Finally at Regionals, Aural Intensity begin by singing a song dedicated to Jesus while the judges, including Tammy Jean Albertson (Kathy Griffin), local star Ron Remington, and Sister Mary Constance (Loretta Devine), watch. The Warblers perform Hey Monday’s “Candles” and Pink’s “Raise Your Glass.” Later, New Directions prepare backstage and Finn wishes Rachel good luck with her solo. Rachel tells Finn that she means every word of her song. Rachel and the girls take the stage and performs her song, “Get It Right,” while Finn watches. The boys join on stage and they all sing their original song, “Loser Like Me.”

After deliberating backstage, the judges make their decision. New Directions are announced as the winners who will go on to Nationals. The kids happily rejoice in their win. Later, Kurt and Blaine give the parrot a proper burial and Blaine comforts Kurt with regards to their loss at Regionals. He says at least they have each other now. Back at school, Will hangs up the phone with Holly Holliday and tells the gang that she’ll be back soon to celebrate their win. Will then announces that Rachel is their MVP at Regionals. Rachel makes a speech, thanking the gang for believing in her. The show ends with a big group hug.


Rolla’s Rant

I have to say that I really enjoyed this week’s episode. The original songs were fun to watch, especially the ones that didn’t make the cut. The Warblers always wow me with anything they perform, especially Blaine. It was nice to see him kind of share the spotlight with Kurt. Their Pink performance was especially awesome at Regionals. New Directions’ performances at Regionals were also a delight and truly heartfelt. I can see these original songs hitting the Top 10 lists soon. I am glad Lea Michele didn’t overdo it at Regionals (well, as much as I was expecting)!

Interesting to see that Holly Holliday is mentioned and the door is left open for Paltrow to return as a guest star. Kurt and Blaine’s relationship is taking off and the actors are doing a phenomenal job with it. It doesn’t feel too cheesy or forced, but actually genuine. What’s up with Quinn being so conniving? I don’t remember her being like this. I actually felt sorry for Rachel in this episode, and am actually rooting for her and Finn to get back together. As for Brittany and Santana – I am still not sure what the writers are trying to do there.

Overall, Glee is doing an impressive good job lately!

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