ABC Cancels Two Daytime Soaps

ABC is canceling two daytime soap operas, All My Children and One Life to Live, after having been on the network for more than 40 years.


One Life to Live/Photo Credit: ABC

ABC’s daytime department president Brian Frons said Thursday that “viewers are looking for different types of programming these days.”

The replacements will be a show about food and a show about lifestyle transformations.

ABC did not indicate when the soaps would go off air.

This cancellation leaves General Hospital as ABC’s only daytime drama.

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  1. Barb Sparks says:

    What a sad day for so many of us SOAP fans……I have watched One Life to Live & All My Children, every chance I have, since they first started…’s been happy and sad to see so many characters “grow up” thru the years, as well as so many that were added thru the years……..I am really disappointed with ABC which HAD BEEN my favorite choice of TV channel all these years……of course, I guess they feel that my generation doesn’t count for anything any more……SAD, SAD, SAD……WE DO NOT NEED MORE FOOD SHOWS OR MOB RELATED ONES EITHER!

  2. nicole says:

    Not a fan of the shows being removed, but with all the cable shows available for cooking, this is nuts. Your station is putting a lot of people out if work. In addition to that, I have my own soaps I love – which allow me to escape away from the real world for an hour every day when I get home from work.
    Having been a sad recipient of “Another World” being cancelled – for different reasons – I think this network should re-think WHY they are making this decision.
    if people want to see a food show, they can watch many of them on cable. Please keep one of our guilty pleasures (soaps) on!

  3. Barb Wert says:

    I am very disappointed about u all cancelling One Life to Live….please bring some kind of story end to the show. I really can not believe u want to put more food shows on. I know some people like to watch these shows but there is enough of them on I am sure. Young & Restless and one life to live are the only shows I have time to watch any more and there goes one of mine. thank you.

  4. taz says:

    i am 25 years old and i have been watching both All my chldren and One life to live all my life. In fact my entire household watches all of the ABC daytime soaps, from my 16 year old sister to my 75 year old grandmother. it wouldnt be as bad if you were cancelling the soaps to replace them with other soaps… but a food show and a lifestyle transformation show….come on there are far too many programs like those already on daytime and prime time tv. Thank you ABC for cancelling 2 of my 3 favourite daytime soaps.

  5. brownpat says:

    As a kid,when there was no school,we watche these shows with my great aunt. when I wasn’t working and during the time when my kids were young we watched. When I went back to worked a bunch of us would tape them and watch at night and discuss them the next day. Now that I’m disabled I watch them every day and if I miss them I watch on the weekends. Who needs another cooking show ? We have lots oncable andnumerous on daytime,eg.Rach Ray and several on locas shows and pbs. I am very upset and I think you’ll lose alot of viewers, me for sure.

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