Shania Twain Trips and Falls at CMT Music Awards (Video)

Country singer Shania Twain took a spill Wednesday night on her way to the stage to present an award at the 2011 CMT Music Awards.


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As Twain was making her way to the stage to introduce the nominees for best male video of the year, she apparently slipped in her heels, landing on her knees. She quickly got up and continued to the stage, laughing and seeming somewhat embarrassed.

“I just made a complete fool of myself and experienced one of life’s most embarrassing moments,” Shania said in a video message posted on her website following the incident.

“I don’t need a stunt double,” she continued. “I didn’t hurt myself. I have a bit of a sore thumb and that’s about it.”

Twain says her stylish heels were to blame for the fall.

“I’m gonna auction off those shoes. I’m gonna get rid of them as soon as I can. I never want to see those shoes again,” she said in the video.

Check out the video of Shania Twain’s fall at the CMT Music Awards last night:

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  1. Kim B says:

    Aw, so glad she is ok after that fall! We love you Shania Twain!

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