Justin Bieber Wants to be Married by 25

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber says he wants to be married and starting a family by the age of 25.


Photo Credit: PRPhotos.com

When Women’s Wear Daily asked 17-year-old Bieber where he sees himself in five years, Bieber said, “Well, by 25 or 26, I want to see myself, like, married or start looking for a family. I want to be a young dad. I want to be able to have done what I wanted to do – to be successful, to do a movie or whatever.”

But this doesn’t mean Bieber is in any rush to settle down. “I’m not looking to get married now,” he says.

Bieber still wants to be a teenager and have fun.

“I love to play sports and stuff,” he says. “I love just hanging out with my friends. I’m just a regular 17-year-old. I grew up playing hockey so I like to get on the ice every once in a while. I love to play basketball and I try to play soccer as much as I can.”

Bieber is currently dating teen TV star and singer Selena Gomez.

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  1. Andy says:

    Seriously? No one would know him as a dad… or even a mom for that matter… I was hoping for something like — by 25, I wanna be a boy (not a man yet)… ’cause Justin, he’s a nexus of boy and girl ! Boys don’t like him out of overrate (not jealousy) and girls like him out of his baby voice? Now that’s pathetic ! Justin, at least, announce you’re gonna be a boy… nuff said !

  2. janay says:

    i can not belive that

  3. Teresa says:

    I could arrange that..

  4. your mom says:

    seriously people trying to say he’s overrated nice try but your jealous and it’s obvious, who are you to say who people are allowed to like?

  5. Tea says:

    I think thats a good idea i want to be a young parent too!!! lol

  6. Kira says:

    i would date him any day but i would to have a child 26 or 27 and get married around the same age lol im a justin bieber fan since he started to be fam lol i thing he has a great personalitiy ,humor , looks, amazing smile and so much more i love so much xxx love u justin xx <3 <3 <3

  7. miran says:

    well no one could say that ill be getting marry at this age or that no one knows when your going to be married and have a family only god know so no one could say ill marry at the age maybe 20 cuz maybe not……………. only god knows ……………….

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