Fabulous Buzz’s Exclusive Interview with Bachelor Pad 2 Winner Michael Stagliano

After his Bachelor Pad 2 win, and surprise over his ex-fiancée, Holly Durst’s engagement to fellow contestant, Blake Julian, Michael Stagliano says, “I feel great!”

Photo Courtesy of: ABC.com

Bachelor Pad 2 winner (and previous contestant on The Bachelorette Season Five), Michael Stagliano, 27, has been busy touring and enjoying his earnings after winning the $250,000 cash prize, which he split with his ex-fiancée and co-winner, Holly Durst (read more).

I had the opportunity to interview Michael recently, from his hometown in Los Angeles. We chatted about life after Bachelor Pad 2, and of course, about his reaction to Holly and Blake’s surprise engagement.

Rolla: First, let’s get the Holly questions out of the way because, let’s face it, you’re getting too many of them! The way you found out about Holly and Blake was not cool, and you told People, was “humiliating.” Now that time has passed, how do you feel about Holly and that situation?

Michael: I feel great! They apologized, I know they felt bad. I’m happy for them and I feel great.

Rolla: Do you and Holly still talk?

Michael: No, we don’t talk and that’s fine. She’s moved and that’s healthy for the both of us, I think.

Rolla: Do you think that ABC purposefully hid the truth, just to sensationalize your reaction when you found out on the finale? How do you feel about that?

Michael: I don’t think that. I’m sure they wanted to [tell me]. I know now that all the producers knew and I saw all of them before we taped [the finale]. I don’t think it’s their responsibility to tell me. I wish they would’ve. Ultimately, it’s Holly’s responsibility, I think. Not ABC, and not Blake, but Holly’s.

Rolla: Okay, now that those questions are out of the way, let’s get to the fun questions!  Have you felt since Bachelor Pad 2 or even your first run on The Bachelorette Season 5, that you have this instant “celebrity status”?

Michael: [Laughs] No, I don’t consider myself an instant celebrity, at all. No one will remember me in three weeks. Facebook and Twitter are absolutely ridiculous because of the amount of love and support I received on there. It’s been a great way to connect with fans.

Rolla: I’m sure people will remember you! I always told my mom I wanted to be the next Bachelorette. [Laughs]. Would you recommend going on The Bachelor or Bachelorette to find love? Do you have any regrets going on the shows?

Michael: [Laughs] All the power to you girl! I would recommend it. It’s not for everyone, though. ABC lets on a few crazies, so be warned [laughs]. It’s kind of a double-edged sword, finding love. Living in the Bachelor house, there are no distractions of real life. Being on the show is its own bubble. You get to know someone really well, but not in a realistic world. I loved Jillian[The Bachelorette, Season Five]. I would recommend it.

Rolla: I know that you have a singing career, how’s that going? Where do you see yourself going career-wise in the future?

Michael: I don’t know. “Singing career” is generous! My three singles have been doing well and I’m really grateful for it. But now, I don’t know. Me and the band are interested in putting an album out one day, but I don’t know yet. We’ll see. I don’t know!

Rolla: Among many things to do with your cash prize, you said in an interview with People magazine that going on vacation was number one on the list. Have you gone yet?

Michael: I actually haven’t gone yet! I’ll be leaving to Loreto, Mexico in early December. I can’t wait!

Rolla: Well deserved, I’m sure! Enjoy it! It was a pleasure talking to you and we Canadians hope to be seeing you soon, especially here in Toronto!

Michael: Thank you, Rolla! Looking forward to it!

-Rolla Bahsous

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