Bachelor Pad Season 3 Finale

The Bachelor Pad season 3 finale took place Monday night, revealing many surprises, much drama and a shocking ending.


Before the winner of Bachelor Pad 3 was announced on the finale Monday night, Tony Pieper and Blakely Jones announced they were taking the next step in their relationship and moving in together. But it didn’t end there… Tony then got down on one knee and proposed to Blakely. She looked stunned and enthusiastically said yes.

We learned that Lindzi Cox and Kalon McMahon are stilling dating long distance, but Erica Rose warned Lindzi on the show last night that she should be careful. Erica goes on to say she has seen Kalon out with other girls in Houston.

Further drama ensues when it is revealed that Michael Stagliano and finalist Rachel Trueheart did not continue their romance after the show. Rachel is completely heartbroken and confused, but Michael says she was falling in love and he wasn’t.

We finally get to the point of the show, the $250,000 prize. The final two couples were Rachel Trueheart and Nick Peters, and Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon. Chris was the season villain and knew he had little chance of getting votes from the other cast mates. But he made one final plea to the cast, apologizing for his behavior and explaining that his family and friends were very disappointed in his behavior. Despite his plea, Rachel and Nick received 13 of the 16 votes from the cast members.

When it came time for Rachel and Nick to decide what to do with the money, Rachel chose to share it and Nick chose to keep it. So Nick went home with the entire $250,000 – a Bachelor Pad first. Rachel was devastated and angry and the cast members and host Chris Harrison were stunned.

“I don’t feel like I owe $125,000 to someone I just got slapped together with at the very end of the show,” Nick told People. “It sucks a little bit [for Rachel], but I have to remember that this is a game, and this was the best way to play it.”

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1 Comment

  1. Alina says:

    This was a game!
    Everyone went into the game for the exact same reason- the money. Everyone tried to play the game in their heads and wound up with the same conclusion. Nobody was out to make friends or find love, and priority was- the prize.
    Because it is a game, rules change and you have to accept them and carry on, they were put there to test you. You have fooled nobody but yourselves.
    Everyone had someone or something to blame for their loss in the game, and it does not make sense to blame Nick for playing the game fairly and winning.
    There were alliances being made, lies being fed, friends betraying each other; to top it off a final decision that wasn’t any less dirtier then the ones by everyone else throughout the game.
    Rachael does not deserve any more sympathy then the rest of the cast on the show that had the same heavy weights to carry and were hurt and betrayed.
    She was the furthest to have made it in the game as a real snake. She lied and betrayed just as Nick had supposedly lied and betrayed her, (except you kind of have to be a friend or form a real relationship to do that). Nick and Rachael’s relationship was fake phony and yes, forced just as many were except as a partner in that situation Rachael was acting like the tornado, a whirlwind of indecisiveness and an emotional wreck. She was a ghost in her so called partnership with Nick as Nick was on the show.
    I think Rachel got a good dose of what the game was really about just as everyone else did, and should not be sympathized with for not getting what she expected. Everyone felt like they could taste the money and thought they had it all figured out. Nobody had, including Rachael, and especially Nick.
    In my opinion, Rachael is one of the last person to have deserved the money if we want to get into that side of the game. She played every dirty card, and proved to be nothing but a fake schemer. She sat there at the finale acting for the audience, claiming her and Nick ended up forming this great relationship and trust. Complete bullshit, and she proves that again with her reaction to Nicks final decision.
    She was upset because she didn’t win the money, she could care less about Nick and everything else she claimed to value: such as their pact, and Nick as a person. She has betrayed not only someone, but her own best friend, and for her to be so shocked and feel so betrayed by her fake partner is sad. She admitted she never liked him all along. So again, another scheme in a game, all for the prize: money.
    Nick played the game terribly, yet was given the chance of a lifetime, and made the smartest, bravest move he could make.
    Nick was attached the money throughout the whole game. Focused, was not tricked or fooled by love or drama. He may not be the most entertaining, clever or brightest cast member, but at least he was honest and stood by his word- to himself.
    Boo hoo Rachael, you were such a roller coaster ride to watch, you barely knew what you wanted therefore did not show enough desire to stand as a winner. You are a sore loser, I commend Jaclyn for taking you back, she truly is a sweet, loyal friend and I think everyone is glad it came to bite you back in the ass. You should be less upset you lost the money, and more excited to have given a second chance with your bestfriend. By your reaction, Im sure if you were given the same opportunity, you would play the game the exact same way, dirty. It bothered me to see you switch faces so quickly within the hour and act as if someone had taken the money away from you.
    It wasn’t yours in the first place, and to show an equal amount of emotion to losing money- to losing a friend, is pretty sad.

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