Exclusive Interview with Country Music Star Chelsea Bain

Fabulous Buzz had the opportunity to interview up-and-coming 23-year-old country music star Chelsea Bain. Learn more about this beautiful, young star from our Q&A with her below:

Chelsea-Bain< Q: When did your love for singing and country music begin?
A: I have loved music in general since before I can remember. I started out thinking country music was the only genre that existed, so when I discovered rock, pop etc, I was like a sponge and took to it all!

Q: Which music star did you idolize growing up?
A: Definitely Shania Twain, I would sing her songs over and over until my family had to finally tell me to find some other artists I liked. I am definitely guilty of the repeat button.

Q: What is your all-time favorite country music song?
A: Oh wow, that’s hard to choose! I don’t think I could pick just one, especially seeing that country music has changed so much! Looking back I would say Johnny Cash’s duet with June Carter Cash- “If I were a carpenter”. A more recent (or not so much) would of course be Shania Twain- “Forever and Always”.

Q: When did you know you wanted to sing country music for a living?
A: I think as soon as I found out that it was something you can do! I never wanted to do anything else, my whole life I always told people that I was going to perform country music.

Q: What do you love most about performing?
A: The way the music feels on stage, the way the band and the audience react differently to it every time. Every show is different and that’s what is so great about performing. You’re doing the same set, but something new always happens and sometimes there are surprises, but I like that, it’s a challenge!

Q: What is one thing you think your fans should know about you?
A: That I’m not always wearing glittery outfits and makeup. I insist on Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the bus, and I prefer a T-shirt and jeans.

Q: What can fans expect next from you?
A: My first album is coming out at the beginning of the year! It’s been a long time coming so I’m excited to get it out there. I will also be performing at the NASCAR races again with Coca-Cola as our sponsor. More things are on the way, we are working hard to be as many places as we can!

For more information about Chelsea Bain, visit chelseabainmusic.com.

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