The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Episode One

Season 18 of The Bachelor is off to a typical teary, and joyous start! Night one of every season is always the best – first impressions make people do crazy things!

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

Clare, pretended to be pregnant (really?!), Amy J gave Juan a massage and Lucy came out barefoot with a flower crown. Let’s talk about awkward.

However, there were some amazing first impressions. Kat, our favorite from Scottsdale, asked Juan to show her how to salsa (AMAZING!) and Nikki, with her stethoscope for Juan to listen to her excited/nervous heart.

Night one was full as drama, as if we could expect anything less from the famously uber drama show.

There was Sharleen, who said she didn’t feel a connection to Juan and said ‘sure’ to getting the first impression rose. SURE?! If I were Juan, pretty sure I would take that rose back. And I’m also sure that every woman in America was angry at her. I don’t think she will last very long.

Then, there was Lauren H., who is the fastest crier in Bachelor history. Crying because you didn’t get to speak to Juan, seriously?! Over her and her crying.

The first girls to go home are: Alexis, Christine, Valerie, Ashley, Amy J., Lacy, Kylie, Lauren H. and Maggie.

Most awkward moment of the night? When Juan called Kat to receive a rose, and Kylie started walking forward! I think that is a first in Bachelor history. Poor Kylie, but yay for Kat!

My front-runners are still Kat, Allie and Elise. But that might change once we get to know the girls a little more.

What were your thoughts on the first night?

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  1. Jinaly Simmano says:

    Juan Pablo is so dreamy! The girls in this season are full of so much character, I love it! My favorites so far are Nikki and Kat!

  2. Audrie says:

    My favorite is still Nikki! How can you not go for a pediatric nurse? For real. ;) But really, Juan Pablo seriously has his work cut out for him. Lots of hotties! Great job on the blog, Kelly!

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