The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Week Two

Week two of every season always is my favorite. It’s when you start to see all of the girls true colors, and the drama comes out in full force.

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

The one-on-one dates have begun, and they were great! Clare was invited to the first one, and Juan turned LA into a winter wonderland. It was so cute, and he looked like he truly enjoyed her company… but I am over her. She seems like she is the next to have a mental breakdown, or be the new crazy one. Either way, over her, too bad she got a rose.

The second date went to our hometown girl, Kat! She was invited to be the grand marshal to the Electric Run with Juan. So cute! I loved how Kat was so laid back and took everything with a great attitude. I am not sure that I could have let go like that and just enjoyed it like she did. Love that she is staying another week! #TeamKat


Photo Credit: ABC

And then came everyone’s favorite time, the group date. Someone is always going to cry on group dates, but, no one could expect the hot mess that was Victoria. Girl, getting wasted on your first group date, not cool. And then crying hysterically because you were not alone with Juan, not cool. THEN, you go super crazy and try to leave, in a bikini, while drunk, with no shoes.  So thankful that Juan let her go, she is on a crazy train to nowhere.

This week brought out new favorites for me. I am loving Renee, Andi and Nikki. Renee seemed so clam and collected throughout the whole date, and I love that she is a little older than the rest of the girls.

At the end of the night, Juan sent home Chantel and Amy, and neither of them should have been shocked. They did not get a date, and were weird when Juan talked to them one-on-one.

I am loving this season! He sure is the ‘spicy’ bachelor, and I cannot wait for the rest!

Who are your frontrunners still?

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  1. Audrie says:

    I’m loving Andi! I don’t think I could’ve had the courage to posenude. Not even for love. Or charity. Kind of over Elise. First you complain that you have to be naked but then you complain that you’re wearing a fire hydrant? Get over yourself and just be happy youget to hang out with Juan Pablo for longer than a week. :) Anyway, my favorites are Andi, Nikki, and Kat!

  2. Jinaly Simmano says:

    The one on one dates this week were so perfect for those girls! I actually really am liking Clare! I think she seems pretty stable. Andi is also one of my favorites. She is so classy, I love that! Lucy is questionable to me. Is she really someone who is mom material? I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

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