The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Week Three

The claws have come out this week on The Bachelor! Week three was no disappointment, and had us questioning if some of the girls have ever seen the show!

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

This week on The Bachelor, it seemed that the drama overshadowed everything else! It seemed like the girls have never seen this show before! Getting mad because spicy Juan Pablo is kissing other girls after he kissed you? You did know what this show was about before you signed on, right?

Anyways, Cassandra and Chelsie got the one-on-one dates, and roses, this week. Neither date was that exciting, but I do have to give Chelsie some credit for jumping off of the bridge! I am not sure that is something that I could do. Yes, there was a ton of drama with that, but she jumped and Juan was happy. And, I was happy Juan had Billy Currington on their date! (Not as good as Luke Bryan from a few seasons back, but I’ll take it.)

The group date was cute – because it showed another side to Juan! If soccer is such a huge part of his life, then the girls need to see that side again. But, once again, any date that requires running? Not ideal for me.

Juan surprised the girls by making them breakfast, and cancelling the cocktail party for a pool party! All the girls were hating on Kat – girl had to do what she needed to do for some Juan-on-Juan time! Haters gonna hate, Kat.

Honestly, it seemed like no girl was happy with anyone talking to Juan, and they all kept getting mad that he was kissing other girls. So, I repeat my earlier question, have none of these girls seen this show? They do know that he will surely kiss all of them at some point or another, and likely within hours of each other? It is called The Bachelor… Hopefully, they get over this real quick! We need some better drama than this!

Lucy (aka the free spirit) and Christy went home this week, so that still leaves my favorites: Kat, Andi, Nikki and Renee.

What did you think of this episode? Would you ever go bungee jumping on a first date?

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