The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Week Four

Thirteen women left. And thirteen women have started turning on each other. I mean seriously, we have gotten to the point of talking behind their backs and name-calling. And, it is awesome.

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

The girls jetted of to Seoul, South Korea, and had some pretty great group dates. The first group date was so much fun to see! The girls were back-up dancers for Seoul’s popular K-Pop group 2ne1. (As Juan Pablo called them, “as popular as the Spice Girls in the US”, really Juan Pablo?) I would have died up on that stage, so major props to all the girls who went through with it! Even Nikki, who complained the whole time, still more courageous than me. Nikki received the rose, after hating on Kat. Seriously, why is everyone hating on Kat these days? Just because she is a better dancer, and showed her skills, doesn’t mean that you get to hate on her! #TeamKat

the bachelor juan pablo and kat hurd

Photo Credit: ABC

Sharleen received the only one-on-one date, and just when we thought it was going south when Juan asked about kids, she redeemed herself and received the rose. Still not liking her, but we will let her stay for now.

Then came the last group date, and it once again became the Claire show. She made it a point to stand next too, sit next too, and talk constantly too Juan Pablo.  She is very territorial over him, and that’s weird. Its only the fourth week in, calm down girl. Calm down.

The rose ceremony was awkward, as usual, but the emotions are coming out. All of the girls are a bit on edge, and they are not enjoying each others company! Claire and Nikki have their own feud going on, and I’m hoping that they end up eliminating each other, because this is just ridiculous.

Just like that, thirteen became eleven. Juan sent home Lauren S. (you have to feel for the girl, she got turned down for a kiss just to have Juan kiss another in front of her!), and Elise. Not a huge fan of either, so we will let that slide.

Cannot wait to see what drama Vietnam holds for the girls!

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  1. Audrie says:

    I’m over Nikki. And Claire. I thought Elise might go home when she was trying to talk to Juan Pablo about how he needs to be careful about who he chooses. Anyway, I want to see more of Andi. She is my favorite. :)

  2. Kelly Potts says:

    So over Nikki and Claire! We get it, you both really like Juan, and really like to be the center of attention.

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