The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Week Five

The girls are in Vietnam, and the drama followed!

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

Renee got the first one-on-one date, and it was such a cute date! I am so glad that she got a one-on-one – she deserves one! However, she obsessed a little too much over Juan kissing her, but I am sure I would do the same! And, how cute was it that Juan bought something for her son?! So cute! A new dress for her, and a cute hat for her son. You are winning this date Juan, winning this date.

And then came the group date, or should I say, and then came Clare’s date with nine other girls. Seriously, if he wanted so much alone time with Clare, he should have asked her on a one-on-one! So trashy, even for Bachelor standards. You cannot take on girl back to your room and be alone with her for who knows how long, and then go back and kiss the other girls! But, not-at-all shocking turn, Clare got the rose.

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

Then, Clare surprised us all and showed up at Juans door at 4 a.m.! Crazy! I get that she wanted extra time with him, but that was a little much. However, I am more disappointed in how Juan handled the situation after the fact, than I am that the situation happened.

Next, came Nikki’s one-on-one date, where she had to rock climb down into a cave… What is up with these crazy dates?! Props to her for going, I could not have done that. And, she go the rose. Still, an uneventful date.

This rose ceremony was more drama than anyone asked for! Clare and Juan should have kept their drama to themselves, and not ruined the whole thing!

In the end, Alli, Kelly and Danielle went home.  So, that still leaves my favorites of Kat, Andi and Renee!



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  1. Audrie Coker says:

    Renee has been my favorite so far. She just seems more natural to me than the other girls. Also, maybe it was the hype or the build up but I think her first kiss was the most special. Clare needs to get some class. I hope she doesn’t spend the next episodes crying over what happened. But I guess I could understand why she is confused.

  2. Audrie Coker says:

    Also, what do you think the other girls are gonna do when they find out what she did? Cause I feel like there’s no way it will stay a secret.

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