The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Week Six

New country and not as much drama? This is the part in the show, when the frontrunners come out and you start to see who might be going all the way. Except with Juan Pablo – he has been very clear from the beginning that he has his favorites!

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Andi finally got her one-on-one date, and its about time! No, I don’t think that was a wise choice of a one-on-one, but I was so tired of Andi complaining that she was the only one without a one-on-one date! She finally got the date, and got the rose.

Then came the group date, which was everyone except Clare and Andi. The girls went sliding around a mud/water land in a giant beachball with Juan. One girl per turn, which made for some great one-on-one time, but not much great TV time. Since this date was in New Zealand, the set of The Hobbit provided a great backdrop! The girls were all talking and then Juan came up and presented Sharleen with the rose, and then sent Cassandra home! He simply took her outside and said he did not want to wait two days to send her home, when she has a son at home, so she needed to leave then. Sweet of him, but she was nice, sad to see her leave.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

When Clare and Juan had their date, they spent the whole time talking about how he made her cry and she was wrong, ugh. Lets get over that already. Then, they spent the rest of the date making out, because that’s how you show a girl that you wanted to take it slow.  And, of course, she got a rose.

Ah, the rose ceremony. My favorite, Kat, got sent home. I am so sad. I thought Kat was a frontrunner for sure! Kat, you were so strong and so beautiful, keep going Kat! You will find the one!

That leaves my favorites of Andi and Renee, left.

Who are your favorites so far?

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