The Bachelor Juan Pablo: Week Eight – Night One

Ah, the hometown dates. Four women get to take their prize, Juan Pablo, home to meet the families.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

I was hoping for a bit more drama with these, but it turns out the only drama is that Clare’s family is just as nuts as she is, shocking.

The dates started off with Nikki’s family, and they were surprisingly understanding and likeable. I am not Nikki’s biggest fan, but her family seemed nice enough. Her date only lasted 15 minutes, so that was odd, but ok since we have seen enough of Nikki this season.


Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Next up, JP travels to Atlanta to meet Andi and her family! The previews show Andi’s dad telling Juan Pablo what all of us have wanted to tell him (that we don’t like him), but alas, he decided to play the nice guy. Boring. She got a bit more screen time than Nikki did, but I think we all know why…

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Juan travels to Florida to meet Renee, and her adorable son! Personally, Juan was a little to comfortable with Ben, especially for meeting him for the first time, but that’s not the point.  Her date was also boring, and uneventful, there is just no spark. Sorry, Renee, I was rooting for you.

At this point, all the girls have told the camera’s that they ‘love’ Juan Pablo, but have yet to say it to him.  I wonder why they have all gotten cold feet…

Last, but not least, was Clare. FINALLY, the drama we have all been wanting! I guess Nikki was right, Clare did not get crazy on her own, her family is just as crazy! That was all the cameras focused on, the crazy between Clare and her sister. Nothing major happened, I was hoping for a bit more drama, but again, no dice.

At the rose ceremony, Nikki, Clare and Andi got roses. Sad for Renee, but the spark was not there. I think Juan felt more of an attraction to her son, than he did her.

Stayed tuned, more drama coming tomorrow night, with the ever dramatic fantasy suite!


Who do you think will win Juan’s heart?

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  1. Audrie Coker says:

    The girls were more tolerable in their hometowns than all together. Haha. I don’t even know he should pick. I hope Renee finds what she is looking for. I really did like her.

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