The Bachelor Juan Pablo: Week Eight – Night Two

The season is winding down, and there are three women left. In tonight’s episode, it is all about the fantasy suite, and of course, Juan took all three girls to the suite.


They are in the beautiful island of St. Lucia, and it is pretty. And that, is the best part of this episode.

The date starts off with Clare, and they go swimming in the ocean and talking about how much she loves him, and not talking about anything serious. But, as we have all learned, that is Juan Pablo. Not a serious man, more interested in fun than getting to know the girls.

Next up, is Andi. And they go to the fantasy suite, where there is no camera. The next morning Juan has an extra pep in his step and goes on and on about how much he likes Andi and how great that date was – and then the camera goes to Andi. She basically states that it was the worst thing that could have ever happened, and she could not wait to leave Juan as quick as she could. (What happened in that suite?!)

She did come up to Juan and try to explain why she needs to leave, and he keeps arguing and turning everything back on her. I am not sure what happened, but whatever small chemistry they did have is CERTAINLY gone now. But, good for you Andi. Someone finally called Juan out, and he threw a fit. Shocking.


Nikki had her date with Juan, and as usual, they did not really talk. They definitely have physical chemistry going on, and if he picks her, lets hope that lasts them…

So, we are down to two final girls, my least favorites, Clare and Nikki. I like that Nikki knows how to have fun with Juan, but she seems a bit too immature to become a step-mom right off the bat.


Who do you think Juan will pick in the end? Will he purpose?

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