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The Bachelorette Andi: Week Two

It is week two in the mansion, and the boys have gone a bit crazy. 


The episode started off with a one-on-one beach and snow date, the group date getting naked for charity and one contestant getting too drunk for their own good… Was it just me, or was this episode EXACTLY the same as Juan Pablo’s week two?

Eric Hill got the first one-on-one date, and it was adorable! I loved everything about this date, even if it did take me a few minutes to forget that Clare and JP had this date already. I love Eric, so cute and funny!

The group date had the men taking things ‘down under’ and being strippers for charity. Sounds like a great time! Andi enlisted the help of Kelly and Sharleen from last season, and they were so cute! Love that she is keeping true to her friends, and love even more that Nikki was not there! Seems like in the end all the boys were good sports about it!

Then, the date changed over to a more formal date night and while all the men tried to get one-on-one attention from Andi, Craig decided to try a new way. Craig got too drunk for his own good, and made an idiot of himself. Even better? The producers had to take him home!


Andi’s next one-on-one date with farmer Chris at the races! This date was cute, but forgettable. I’m liking Chris, so glad he got the chance to stay!

As for the pre-rose ceremony, a lot of the guys pulled out the stops to get her attention. I have never seen so many ‘mini-dates’ set up by the guys (or girls) before! What great ways to get her attention!

Who went home: Nick S., Carl and Craig. All forgettable. Sorry boys.

Who I’m loving: Josh, Cody and Eric are by far my favorites so far!

Who are you loving so far?

The Bachelorette Andi: Week One

The summer is back and that means only one thing - The Bachelorette. While it is still hard to forget the sting on Juan Pablo, we must go on.


Photo Credit: ABC

Andi Dorfman, the girl who infamously told JP that it “es NOT ok”, is your bachelorette! And, she looks stunning! I am hoping that this season is worth it and fantastic, and not a repeat of JP.

The Men:

Andrew, 30: social media marketer from Culver City, CA

Bradley, 32: opera singer from Holland, MI

Brett, 29: hairstylist from Westminster, PA

Brian, 27: basketball coach from Camp Hill, PA

Carl, 30: firefighter from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Chris, 32: farmer from Arlington, IA

Cody, 28: personal trainer from Chicago, IL

Craig, 29: tax accountant from Denver, CO

Dylan, 26: accountant from Boston, MA

Emil, 33: helicopter pilot from Costa Mesa, CA

Eric, 31: explorer from Citrus Heights, CA

Jason, 35: urgent care physician from Sturgeon Bay, WI

J J, 30: pantsapreneur from San Francisco, CA

Josh B., 29: telecommunication marketer from Denver, CO

Josh M., 29: former professional baseball player from Atlanta, GA

Marcus, 25: sports medicine manager from Dallas, TX

Marquel, 26: sponsorship salesman from Las Vegas, NV

Mike, 29: bartender from Alta, UT

Nick S., 27: professional golfer from Kissimmee, FL

Nick V., 33: software sales executive from Chicago, IL

Patrick, 29: advertising executive from Newport Beach, CA

Ron, 28: beverage sales manager from Memphis, TN

Rudie, 31: attorney from Long Beach, CA

Steven, 30: snowboard product developer from Encinitas, CA

Tasos, 30: wedding event coordinator from Denver, CO


The night:

Lets just say it – the first night is always awkward and weird. First, we had our first party crasher of the series (and thankfully was turned down), and our first lamp as a gift. Seriously, someone gave Andi a LAMP. You have what seems like two hours to make the best impression that you have to stay and that is a lot of pressure!

Aside from the random gifts, party crasher and sad tribute to constant Eric Hill, this premiere was slightly boring and uneventful. But, guys are less dramatic than girls…. in the beginning.

Who went home: Josh B., Rudie, Steven, Mike, Emil and Jason.

Apparently Andi does not like men with long hair! The three who did, went home. By boys, you did not make an impression on us anyways.

This opener seemed a bit more rushed than the normal ones, so I am not sure who my frontrunners are. I am loving Cody and Marcus, but it is way to soon to pick favorites!

(Seriously Josh, going to throw a fit because the pretty girl didn’t like you? Good luck)

Who do you love so far?

The Bachelorette Andi – What You Need To Know

The new Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, is ready to start her search for love. But, before we see her journey here are a few things that you need to know about this season!

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC


Andi is throwing some major shade at Juan Pablo. We all know how that ended, and it was not “okay”. So, how is Andi getting her revenge? By this:

Photo Credit: ABC


One of her suitors has sadly, passed away. Contestant Eric Hill was killed during a paragliding accident. Rumors have it, that he makes it pretty far in the show, and died days before the final rose ceremony. No word on when Andi was told.

I am willing to bet that Andi has learned several things from being on this show before, and one being that just because you are the center of attention, that does not mean that you will be liked. With the world still dealing with the terrible hand we were dealt with the last season, I am interested to see how Andi will handle her title.

The new season premieres next Monday on ABC. Are you excited for the season?

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