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The Bachelorette Andi: Week Six

The men have left France and are headed to Belgium! With the hometown dates on the horizon, who makes it to the final four and who goes home?


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The first one-on-one date went to Marcus. The couple went through Belgium and tasted everything from mussels to Belgian waffles. Over dinner at the spectacular Palais de Academies, Marcus shares details of his painful childhood (so sad!). With no one-on-one date rose, the pressure is off of this date, and it got kinda boring.

The second one-on-one date of the night went to Josh. They went to a goose parade which is part of the “Festival of Ghent” then saw a concert by “American Young.” Ever wondered what a goose parade was? Pretty much what you’d expect = boring. I love Josh, and SO glad he went on the date! But, he needs to let down his guard, and she needs to calm down! These two are so crazy.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

The group date was Dylan, Nick, Brian and Chris. They went to a monestary. Nick got the group date rose and other 3 were sent away so Andi and Nick could continue their date alone. Which, is always kind of awkward.

Who Went Home: Brian and Dylan.

Next Week – hometown dates! Andi is visiting Nick, Chris, Marcus and Josh’s family. Who do you think makes it to the end?

The Bachelorette Andi: Week Five

And then there were six. In week five of Andi’s quest for love the group went from eight to six, and of course there was plenty of drama to go around the world!

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

The first one-on-one date went to Nick. They went on a gondola ride under the Bridge of Sighs. And it was oh so cute. He got the rose, and he is safe.

Six of the guys, Chris, Josh, Marcus, Dylan, Brian, and JJ, went on the group date! What was this group date? A lie detector test. The girl made them get hooked up to a lie detector test and had to answer questions. And after going through all of that and the boys sweating bullets Andi never ended up looking at the guys’ answers. She threw them away. (What a waste!) Afterwards, they toured near a castle. Chris got the group date rose. And her and Josh got into a little bit, because he didn’t agree with the lie detector test… can’t say I disagree with his thoughts.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Cody finally got his first one-on-one date! Only took him six weeks, but its fine. Andi took him to Verona, Italy to the home of Shakepeare’s “Juliet.” They responded to some of Juliet’s love letters and then they went to dinner where Cody poured his heart out. Andi then proceeded to stomp on his heart… and let him go before the ceremony.

Who Went Home: JJ. And, obviously Cody.

Who I’m still loving: Last week I picked Josh, JJ and Cody. We are down to one of those now, so I’m still loving Josh! He’s adorable, and clearly the best one there!

What did you think of this week?!

The Bachelorette Andi: Week Four

Love is in the air in France for Andi and the boys.


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They take their first out of the country trip and its to France! (I would go on this show, just for the trips, by the way.) Andi talks about what a great country this is to be in for love – and the back drop is beautiful! But, with the beauty of this show, comes the drama.

My favorite boy, Josh got the first one-on-one date. Andi and Josh learned how to make liquor then later were serenaded by Ben Fields during a private concert. He got the rose and stays for another week! I really like Josh, and how easy it is with her and him!

Up next, the group date! This date included Chris, Marcus, Marquel, Andrew, Pat, Nick, Dylan, JJ, and Cody. They walked around France and practiced their mime skills with strangers. It was cute – and creepy. At some point during this date, JJ stole Andi away and rode a Ferris wheel with her. JJ got the group date rose, because he’s adorable.


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But Marquel and Andrew get into it on the date. Marquel is told that Andrew has said some rude and mean things about him, and decides to confront him… because that always ends well in Bachelorland. But, they fought and that was that.

The last one-on-one date went to Brian. They watched Disney’s “The Hundred Foot Journey” in a private theater (product plug much?), then Andi had a French recipe to make for dinner, so they went shopping for the ingredients. It ended up being frog legs (gross), and making the dinner turned out horrible so they just went somewhere afterwards and had drinks. Perfect plan! He got the rose.

Who went home: Marquel, Andrew, and Pat.

I liked Marquel, sad he went home! Nick should have gone home instead of him.

Who I’m still loving: Josh and Cody. I’m also going to throw in JJ, because he’s adorable.

What did you think of their time in France?!

Kourtney Kardashian is Pregnant!

There are more Kardashian kids on the way!


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In true Kardashian fashion, one way to top Kim’s big news – create your own! Kourtney Kardashian is expecting her third child with boyfriend Scott Disick in December. The couple have two children already, Penelope Scotland, 23 months, and Mason Dash, 4½.

The Bachelorette Andi: Week Three – Night Two

We knew going into this season, that this season was different. This was the first season that a contestant has died before the season began, and how were they going to handle it? Well… it happened.


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Before we get to the promised drama that was this two night episode, we have our first one-on-one date. This date went to Dylan. They spent their date on the Essex Steam Train, and he got into some pretty heavy stuff. Dylan has not had the easiest run, and I’m glad that Andi was nice and understanding about it.

And the group date. Boys will be boys. And boys will be mad when you loose a basketball game. 11 guys of the playing basketball against each other. The losing team had to leave the date. Who didn’t see that ending badly? I did.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

And shocking, the losing team was sad. But, at least Andi had a good time – because they focused way too much on what happened to the losing team, than to the dates she did have.

The last one-on-one date went to Marcus. They rappelled down the side of Mohegan Sun, had dinner at Griswold Inn then a “private” concert with Jon Pardi. I like that Marcus talked Andi into doing the date.

Then, we went onto the cocktail party -ish. Andi and Eric had a falling out, because Eric decided to call Andi out on being fake. There are times she seems fake (I’ve said it before, I’m sure I’ll say it again), and he called her out on it. So she sent him home.

Then – instead of going to the rest of the cocktail party, we cut to Chris Harrison. They wanted to have a ‘moment’ to remember Eric, and not talk about anything else that happened. Not to show who went home. Not to show how the rest of the guys reacted.

I liked Eric, and I am sad that he left the way he did, but we should have seen more of the fallout. We would have seen it with any other contestant, we should have with this.

Who went home: Tasos.

The Bachelorette Andi – Week Three Episode One

The men will be boys… and sing with Boys To Men. The two-night Bachelorette event kicked off tonight with a good start, and a huge buildup to the drama that occurs tomorrow.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

The first one-on-one date went to Nick V. They went hiking and had a picnic, how cute. They had a good date, but I’m not seeing the sparks. Although, she is not asking me – and gave him a rose anyways.

The group date: singing with Boys To Men! Seems like there is a repetition theme from this season to last… Bradley thought that he had this competion in the bag, because he is an opera singer and not afraid of it! However, he did not have this in the bag. None of the other guys took this as serious as he did, and they had fun with it. Some of them even forgot the lyrics! And there he was, looking like an idiot. It seemed they all had fun, and I am impressed that they all got up there and sang! I could not do that. Props to them. At the end of the night, Josh got the group date rose.


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The next one-on-one date went to JJ. They both got ‘makeovers’ by professional make up artists in Hollywood to look 50 years older, and they then dressed as old people and played practical jokes on citizens. All is forgiven if you are old! Since he was such a good sport, he got the group date rose.

The drama is starting! Apparently, Andrew went out and got some girls number when they went out… Could this be boys just being boys and talking trash? Or is it for real?

Don’t fear – JJ and Josh decided to confront him! And he decided to run up to his room instead of being honest. He claims the truth is that the girl gave him her number, and he left it at that. I don’t like him anyway, so he can leave.

During this episode, Ron found out that his friend died and chose to leave the show.

Who went home: Bradley and Brett.

Who I’m still loving: Josh, Cody and Eric are my favorites! They all are so cute, and seem to get along with Andi pretty well.

I’m curious to see what is going with the ‘drama’ for tomorrow night. I am sure that the ads are making it seem worse than it will play out, but it will be the first real drama of the season!

What did you think of the episode?

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