The Bachelorette Andi: Week Seven

We are here – the final four! Andi meets her final four men in their hometowns and gets a feel for what life could be like after the show.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Nick was the first to see Andi… and it made me not like him even more! There is just something about that kid that I do not like, or trust. He does not seem sincere, and his family wasn’t helping him!

Next, Andi went down on the farm, and found Chris! They had a picnic on the farm and Chris found a plane to fly by with a banner displaying “Chris Loves Andi”. Say it with me “Awwww”. But seriously, so cute! He is adorable…. yet, something is just off between them. I’m not feeling much with them.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Andi then went home to Georgia – and to see Josh! It was football and baseball talk from the second she walked in the door! Good thing she didn’t seem to mind, right? She seemed to fit well with them, and thats good.

Marcus had the last date and it got personal! There was a lot of talk about his dad walking out the door, and being raised by his brother. Super sweet and super uncomfortable!

The one thing all the dates had in common? TEARS! I have never seen a bunch of men cry so much in my life! Sheesh!

Then, the final four, Andi and Chris gather at Chris Harrisons house and he broke the news… Eric Hill had passed away. Obviously, everyone was sad. But again, all Andi could say was “I can’t believe that was my final conversation with him. I thought we would talk again and be ok, he would apologize and it would be ok. I kicked him out.”

I get that it is sad, but again – stop playing the victim and give me some real tears. You can wish that things ended better, but stop expecting an apology! But, we should all #LiveLikeEric.

Who Went Home: Marcus! Seriously, it should have been Nick!

I’m so glad Josh has made it this far! I hope that I am right and he takes it all! Who do you think will get the final rose?

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