The Bachelorette Andi: Week Eight

We are towards the end, lovebirds! We have made it to the end, and we DON’T hate Andi, so take that JP! Since we are down to the final three, this is the overnight dates… the date where it went all wrong for Andi and JP – wonder if she has any reservations going into this?

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Nick was up first! Andi noted that she had some reservations about him because some of his stories did not mesh up with the same stories from his family. (HUGE red flag, Andi!) But, he looked at her and all was forgiven…

Andi choose to stay with Nick in the fantasy suite – and of course he accepted.

The next date was Josh, and they manage to find some local kiddos who let them join their pick-up baseball game. Josh declares himself pitcher and umpire… At the end of the date they talk and , Josh says that he loves Andi and he can’t stop smiling, so perhaps he is smitten.

At dinner, they talk about kids and future – as they all do. They choose to take part in the fantasy suite, of course.

Adorable farmer Chris has the last date of the night. They go horseback riding and then have a picnic. Andi talks about how great Chris’ family is and, in talking about the date. That night, Andi keeps gushing about what a great time she had in Iowa. Chris wants to know where she’s at — they both seem to know that this isn’t really going to work out for them. And then, Andi starts crying. She’s not where Chris is and if those feelings aren’t there. She realizes it’s not fair to make him sit there and wait for a rose ceremony, so it’s Chris’ time to go. She says her head and her heart don’t match up — on paper, Chris is perfect, but she just doesn’t feel it. At least the girl was honest, right?

Rose Ceremony: There are two roses, and two men the math is pretty simple. They both say yes.

My money is on Josh to take the whole thing! Who do you think Andi will choose?

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