The Bachelorette Andi: Finale

We have come to everyone’s favorite time of the season – it’s the final rose! Who does Andi pick, Nick or Josh?

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Time to meet the parents: Nick and Josh both finally got to meet Andi’s family! First up was Nick, and her family LOVED him. They were so impressed with him, that the were hesitant to meet Josh… but they had to meet him anyways.

Her family also loved Josh! Both men asked Andi’s dad for her hand in marriage and her dad told both men to go forward and get her permission.

One last date: Each men had one last date with Andi, and she left them thinking that they were both the winners! They were so head over heels – and we (the viewers) knew that only one could possibly get the girl in the end.

Two knocks on the door: Who is behind door number one? Josh’s door was jeweler Neil Lane to pick out a rock, and Nicks door? Andi. Andi came to Nicks door to let him down lightly… but lightly he did not take it.

Nick went a little crazy on her, with the words “think about everything you said to me.”… WOW! As much as I don’t like Nick I did like his reaction.

Photo Credit: Andi via Instagram

Photo Credit: Andi via Instagram

Who she picked: JOSH! Finally! I loved him from the start and am so glad that he was the one she picked!

Do you think they will last? Leave us your comments!

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