The Bachelor Chris: Week Two

We have entered the dating side of Prince Farming… and he likes to get real close with all of the ladies!

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Where we left off last week was with bold Kimberly who come back to crash the cocktail party. She came back for a second chance, and he accepted.

First group date: Prince Farming had six gals compete in a tractor race… in bikinis. You can take the boy out of the farm, but he’s still bringing the tractors to LA. Single mom, Mackenzie got some one-on-one time and the rose from that date.

One-on-one: This one went to Megan, with a date that included a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon and a picnic lunch. She spilled quite a bit of emotional baggage, and he seemed to fall for her even more. I like this girl – we will see how she fairs! He did give her the rose on the date.

Second group date: Lets call this American Horror Story: Bachelor Edition. The second group date includes Kelsey, Trina, Alissa, Tracy, Jillian, Becca, Amber, Ashley S., Juelia, Kaitlyn, and Britt. I think he is finally understanding that Ashley S. is nuts…

Let’s see – things that were covered in this episode… Mackenzie came clean about being a mom, dead husbands and Ashley I being a virgin. This is going to be one interesting season.

Who went home: Alissa, Jordan, Kimberly (again), and Tara were sent packing. Really? No Ashley? Ugh.

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