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The Bachelor Chris: Episode Six

We are back to where we left off… with the crying girl in the hallway. Kelsey is telling the girls that she had a ‘panic attack’, but no one is believing it… She has taken crazy to a whole new level!


Back in Bachelorland, Becca gets the first one-on-one date. They go on a romantic horseback ride and shoot guns… cool. Pretty uneventful. She gets the rose.

Next comes the group date. The six lucky girls are Britt, Whitney, Carly, Megan, Kaitlyn, and Jade, get meet up with Big & Rich all having to write love songs with them. Britt ends up writing the best one getting the group date rose and private concert. She gets the rose. (I am really starting to like Britt!)

Then, came the dreaded two-on-one date. Christ takes Ashely Iaconetti and Kelsey. He eliminates both girls on this date! That may be a first!! But, it is about time. We didn’t like these girls anyways.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: None.

Is it just me, or is this season kinda blah? Let me know what you think!

The Bachelor Chris: Week One

Week one of everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure has come and gone… and left us a ton of drama to talk about!

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

The newest man to be crowned Bachelor Chris Soules struggled sending home some of the ladies, but ended up sending eight ladies packing out of his original 30 (the highest number of ladies ever!).

There were quite a few aww-worthy introductions, and many “did that just really happen?” Like Tara, who showed up in one outfit, and then changed, snuck back into the limo and walked out again. And Carly, the cruise ship singer who walked out singing.

The first episode is always a little boring to me. Too much back story on the wrong girls, too much time introducing everyone, and too much time on the whole show!

My favorites so far are Britt (free hugs gal from LA) and Whitney the fertility nurse from Chicago.

Chris ends up eliminating eight girls: Nicole, Amanda, Kara, Kimberly, Bo, Brittany, Michelle and Reegan… and kept three obnoxiously drunk girls.

While I am not a fan of some of his final decisions, it’s no question that this season will bring plenty of drama.

What do you think? Did Chris send home the right ladies?

The Bachelor Juan Pablo: Women Tell All

Hell has no fury like a women scorned, and poor Juan Pablo, you have 25 scorned women waiting for you!


Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

While there were some girls on there that I was happy to see again, #TeamKat, and there were some women that I did not even remember!

This Women Tell All is different than the other season, because it seems like all the women finally understand what the nation has been saying! Juan Pablo is ridiculous, and unfair.

I am glad that some of the women said what they felt they needed to say, and some of them did not hold back! They had something to say about things that he did on the show, to things he has said off of the show.

Renee, Sharleen and Andi were called up to the hotseat to face Chris Harrison.  I am glad to see that all three women were happy with their journey, because it seems that many women were upset with JP.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Is Juan Pablo the worst bachelor ever? What do you think?

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