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The Stars ‘Stand Up 2 Cancer’

The Stand Up 2 Cancer (SU2C) telecast featured a lineup of stars that hoped to encourage donations for collaborative cancer research. +Continue Reading

Boy Bands React To Rich Cronin’s Death

The death of LFO’s Rich Cronin has deeply affected the boy-band community.


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The Snazzy Napper: Product Innovation or Joke?

The Snazzy Napper, a new product more ridiculous than the Snuggie, is the “snazzy way to sleep while you travel.”


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Fabulous Buzz Commenting Contest

Comment on any article on this website,, using at least one word from the title of the article (words such as at, the, in, do not count) and be entered to win a $10 gift card to Starbucks.

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New Facebook Feature Places Launched

Facebook launched its newest mobile feature Places on Wednesday, giving Facebook users the ability to share where they are with their friends.

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New BlackBerry Torch Selling Poorly

The new BlackBerry Torch that went on sale last Thursday exclusively through AT&T, has sold only 150,000 devices in its debut weekend. Comparing that to the 1.7 million Apple iPhone 4′s that sold in their debut weekend, the BlackBerry Torch is a far cry from a success.

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Facebook Now Third Largest Video Site

According to the most recent comScore* reports, Facebook is now the third largest video site in the United States behind Google sites (#1) and Yahoo! sites (#2).

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Survey Says 34 Percent Of AT&T iPhone Customers Waiting to Switch to Verizon

According to a new survey, 34 percent of current AT&T iPhone owners are waiting for the iPhone to be available on another carrier before upgrading. Furthermore, 47 percent of current AT&T iPhone customers say they would consider switching to Verizon.

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Study Finds iPhone Owners Have More Sex Partners

According to research data from dating site, iPhone owners have more sex partners than those that own Blackberry or Android phones.

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Zeus Trojan Attacks UK Bank Customers, Estimated $1 Million Stolen

Researchers at M86 Security Labs discovered that an undetectable Zeus trojan has attacked more than 3,000 customers of a large UK bank, with estimates of $1 million dollars being stolen.

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