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In Theaters This Weekend: It’s Kind of a Funny Story

It’s Kind of a Funny Story is a film about a clinically depressed 16-year-old who checks himself into an adult psychiatric ward where he gains a new lease on life. This comedic-drama opens in theaters October 8 in limited release.


What’s a 16-year-old boy doing playing music and table tennis with adult psychiatric patients – on a school day? It’s kind of a funny story… It’s @5:00 AM on a Sunday in Brooklyn. Craig Gilner is bicycling up to the entrance of a mental health clinic; this bright 16-year-old is stressed out from the demands of being a teenager. Before his parents and younger sister are even awake, Craig checks himself into Argenon Hospital and is admitted by a psychiatrist. But the youth ward is temporarily closed – so he finds himself stuck in the adult ward. One of the patients, Bobby, soon becomes both Craig’s mentor and protege. Craig is also quickly drawn to another 16-year-old displaced to the adult ward, the sensitive Noelle, who just might make him forget his longtime unrequited crush Nia. With a minimum five days’ stay imposed on him by the adult ward’s staff psychiatrist Dr. Eden Minerva, Craig is sustained by friendships on both the inside and the outside as he learns more about life, love, and the pressures of growing up. +Continue Reading

New on DVD This Week: A Nightmare on Elm Street

The 2010 remake of the 1984 horror film, A Nightmare on Elm Street, comes out on DVD Tuesday, October 5, 2010.


Photo by New Line Cinema

For those that have never seen one of the eight Freddy Krueger movies, A Nightmare on Elm Street is about a group of suburban teenagers share one common bond — they are all being stalked by Freddy Krueger, a horribly disfigured killer who hunts them in their dreams.

The cast of the 2010 A Nightmare on Elm Street includes Jackie Earle Haley, Rooney Mara, Kyle Gallner, Katie Cassidy, Thomas Dekker, Kellan Lutz and Connie Britton. This film is directed by Sam Bayer. +Continue Reading

The American Starring George Clooney Opens Today

The American, starring the oh-so handsome George Clooney, will open in theaters Wednesday, September 1, in limited release.


Photo by Giles Keyte/Focus Features

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In Theaters This Weekend: Takers

Takers, the new gangster movie starring Matt Dillon and Paul Walker, hits theaters nationwide August 27, 2010.

takers movie

Photography by Suzanne Tenner/Screen Gems

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In Theaters This Weekend: The Last Exorcism

The Last Exorcism, a story about a possessed girl, will open in theaters nationwide Friday, August 27, 2010.


Photo Credit: LionsGate Films

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This Week on DVD: The Back-up Plan

The Back-up Plan, starring Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin, comes out on DVD this Tuesday, August 24.


Photography by Peter Iovino/CBS Films

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Nanny McPhee Returns This Weekend

Nanny McPhee Returns, the sequel to the 2005 film Nanny McPhee, opens in theaters nationwide this Friday, August 20, 2010.


Photography by Liam Daniel, Universal Studios

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Piranha 3D Opens August 20

Piranha 3D, a horror movie about prehistoric piranhas attacking humans, opens in theaters nationwide Friday, August 20, 2010.


Photo Credit: The Weinstein Company, Everett Collection

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Lottery Ticket in Theaters this Weekend

The new movie Lottery Ticket, a comedy starring Bow Wow and Ice Cube, opens nationwide in theaters Friday, August 20, 2010.


Photography by David Lee/Warner Bros. Pictures

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Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore in Theaters July 30

The new comedic children’s film Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore opens in theaters nationwide this Friday, July 30, 2010.


Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures

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