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The Top 10 Reasons ‘Boy Meets World’ Was (And Still Is) Amazing!

By: Rolla Bahsous

BMW Head Photo

Photo courtesy of ABC

Who else danced with joy after hearing that a Boy Meets World sequel, Girl Meets World, is in the works? Disney has been taping Girl Meets World, which will air later this year. Fortunately, most of the main cast members will reprise their roles in the spin off. This includes Ben Savage (Cory) and Danielle Fishel (Topanga) as the parents of Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard), the show’s “Girl.”

If you’ve forgotten why this is the best news since sliced bread (and Boy Meets World, for that matter), here are the top ten reasons that Boy Meets World is still amazing! +Continue Reading

The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Week Seven

 The week before The Bachelor travels to the remaining girls’ hometowns, all the girls travelled to Juan’s hometown!  And, where the girls go, the drama goes. 

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Charlene got the first one-on-one date stateside, and she went, reluctantly.  She looked like it was torture to go on this date, to the point where the other girls noticed. How awkward… But, she went, and did not stop kissing Juan the whole time. While she is kissing Juan, her on-camera interviews is going on and on about her mixed feelings and not feeling ‘mentally connected’ with Juan. (I am not sure there is much going on upstairs with Juan, but that’s a conversation for a different day.) But, she went on her date, and went home to the hotel.

Sharleen’s feelings got the best of her, and she ended up leaving. Juan was upset, but not as upset as I thought he would be. I guess that’s ok that she is gone then, because she was not feeling it, and neither were we.

Nikki got the second one-on-one date, where she met Camilla?! I do not understand Juan Pablo at all. He tells Clare that no girlfriend has ever met Camilla, and then he takes Nikki (and cameras) to meet her? I don’t get it – Juan needs to pick a side of the road, and stay there. Nikki’s date was uneventful, at least to me, and that’s ok. We are over her, anyways.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Then, we come to the group date. The remaining girls, (Clare, Andi, Renee and Chelsie), went on a beach date. The girls were instructed by Chris Harrison to use their time wisely, since there is only one rose, securing one hometown date for the women. In a shock to us all, Andi received that rose! Andi was allowed to stay behind, while the other girls went back to the hotel. Juan and Andi frolicked in the in water (a no-no when Clare tried, remember?), and the rest of the girls got in a cat-fight.

This is the fight we have been waiting for all season! The epic Clare/Nikki showdown. These girls are all sorts of crazy, and have no reason to be here. Basically, both girls dislike each other and see no reason for the other to be here. Same drama, different city, no surprises.

Andi, received a rose on the group date, so that left only three roses for four women. Juan handing out the rose to Clare, Nikki and Renee, sending Chelsie home. Chelsie never really had any screen time with Juan, so that ok. But he did cry quite a bit when sending her home, so I guess he did have feelings for her.

I was missing Kat the whole episode, but the show must go on. I am hoping Renee can somehow come out on top and win, but I don’t see that happening.

Who do you think will win Juan in the end?

The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Episode One

Season 18 of The Bachelor is off to a typical teary, and joyous start! Night one of every season is always the best – first impressions make people do crazy things!

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

Clare, pretended to be pregnant (really?!), Amy J gave Juan a massage and Lucy came out barefoot with a flower crown. Let’s talk about awkward.

However, there were some amazing first impressions. Kat, our favorite from Scottsdale, asked Juan to show her how to salsa (AMAZING!) and Nikki, with her stethoscope for Juan to listen to her excited/nervous heart. +Continue Reading

Dancing With the Stars Season 16 Cast Announced

ABC’s Dancing With the Stars season 16 cast was announced today, revealing Lisa Vanderpump, Wynonna Judd, Andy Dick and Kellie Pickler as a few of the celebrities to compete.


Photo Credit:

Check out the complete list of DWTS season 16 cast and their partners: +Continue Reading

‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 15 Matchups

ABC announced the Dancing With the Stars season 15 celebrity and pro matchups on Good Morning America Monday.


Photo Credit: ABC

Some of the all-star celebrity dancers will be paired with their trusted partners from their previous seasons, while others will have new pro partners. Here are the DWTS season 15 celebrity and professional dancer matchups: +Continue Reading

Emily Maynard Will Not Be Watching Bachelor Pad 3

The cast of ABC’s Bachelor Pad season 3 was announced yesterday, revealing that Kalon McMahon from Emily Maynard’s season will be competing on the show.


Photo Credit: ABC

McMahon, 27, was sent home on Monday’s episode of the Bachelorette after he referred to Maynard’s 6-year-old daughter, Ricki, as baggage. +Continue Reading

Bachelor Pad Season 3 Cast Revealed

The Bachelor Pad season 3 cast was announced today, revealing last year’s Bachelor Pad winner, Michael Stagliano, to be one of the contestants.


Photo Credit: ABC

A contestant that is sure to cause drama is Bachelorette villain Kalon McMahon, who was sent home on Monday’s episode of the Bachelorette after he referred to Emily’s 6-year-old daughter, Ricki, as baggage.

According to, the cast currently includes: +Continue Reading

The Bachelor Finale: Who Did Ben Choose?

The season finale of ABC’s “The Bachelor” aired Monday night, revealing which woman Bachelor Ben Flajnik chose.


Photo Credit: ABC

Ben, a 29-year-old Sonoma winemaker, had the difficult choice of proposing to either 27-year-old business development manager Lindzi Cox or 28-year-old Ford model Courtney Robertson. +Continue Reading

‘Desperate Housewives’ Final Season Kick-Off Party (Photos)

Disney ABC Television Group hosted a “Desperate Housewives” Final Season Kick-Off Party at Universal Studios in Universal City, California on September 21, 2011.


“Desperate Housewives” stars Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Vanessa Williams and Brenda Strong posed for photos as they arrived to the event.

The final season of “Desperate Housewives” premieres on ABC September 25.

Check out photos of the “Desperate Housewives” cast at the Final Season Kick-Off Party Wednesday: +Continue Reading

‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 13 Matchups

After revealing the cast of Dancing With the Stars Season 13 Monday night, ABC announced the matchups on Good Morning America Wednesday.


Photo Credit:

Here are the DWTS season 13 celebrity and professional dancer matchups: +Continue Reading

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