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Why Children’s Author Tori Spelling Renewed Her Wedding Vows

Actress and former 90210 star Tori Spelling has embraced her role as mom so much that she’s just published a children’s book, Presenting Tallulah, and she also explains why her and husband Dean McDermott did go through a rocky point in their marriage.

Tori Spelling has been in the tabloids recently from drastic weight loss and being divorce bound. It was through her latest memoir uncharted terriTORI (Tori’s love for play on words ensues) that she addressed her tiny frame as an unfortunate result of swine flu, migraines and unrelated health issues that broken down her immune system. She claims she lost weight because of illness and not an eating disorder, which is a false accusation that really negatively and irresponsibly affects her stance as a celebrity role model. +Continue Reading

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