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Amazing Race Finale – Winners Revealed

The season finale of Amazing Race aired Sunday night on CBS, revealing Nat Strand and Kat Chang as the winning team – making them the first all-female team to take home the million-dollar prize.


Photo credit: CBS

Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan announced Nat Strand, 31, and Kat Chang, 35, as season 17 Amazing Race winners at the Beverly Hills Greystone Mansion last night.

“This experience has totally bonded us, and no one will ever understand what we went through except these people,” Chang said after winning the race, referring to the previously eliminated contestants that were present.

“You really are my sister, and this is something we’ll share for the rest of our lives,” Chang continued continued, speaking to her teammate Strand.

The two women were known on the show for their manners, always saying “please” and “thank you” throughout the race.

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