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Jennifer Lopez Tells Idols Not to Sing Her Songs

American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez, suggests that contestants don’t sing her songs.

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Lopez is not impressed with contestants that attempt to win her vote by singing her songs.

“It was cute, super entertaining and flattering, but no. They know we’re not out to cut them down or make a joke of them. We’re trying to mentor them to the next step,” the pop diva told reporters Thursday in Los Angeles.

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American Idol Star Crystal Bowersox Getting Married

Season 9 American Idol runner-up Crystal Bowersox is getting married musician Brian Walker next month.


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In May of this year, Crystal Bowersox broke up with her then-boyfriend hours before her American Idol final performance night. Bowersox says the breakup was mutual.

Crystal Bowersox and Brian Walker are both musicians from Chicago. Bowersox says her fiance gave her the nickname, Mama Sox. +Continue Reading

JLo Joins American Idol!

Jennifer Lopez will be joining the panel of Idol judges for the show’s 10th season.


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Lopez’s first attempt at joining Idol failed last month because her demands had reportedly gotten “out of hand.”

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Nigel Lythgoe Says American Idol Rumors are Baloney

American Idol Producer Nigel Lythgoe, who is returning after a two year absence, says that all the rumors and speculations about who the new judges will be is “baloney”.


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