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A Very Glee Christmas!

Tonight’s Glee had Sue being a Grinch, Glee club trying to spread Christmas cheer, and a Gleek getting a Christmas miracle!

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Tonight’s Glee began with Emma inviting Will to a party that she and Carl are throwing, but Will politely declines. The teachers draw names for the secret santa gift exchange and Will gets Sue.

In the hall, Brittany tells Artie how excited she is for Santa Claus to come, and Artie realizes Britanny still believes in Santa. They go to rehearsal where the Glee kids decorate a beat down tree and sing “The Most Wonderful Day of The Year.” Will tells the kids they’re going to spread Christmas cheer by singing to classes and raising money for the homeless. The kids are nervous to sing, thinking they’d be bullied more. During their first performance of “We Need A Little Christmas,” they are booed and have things thrown at them.

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Glee: Never Been Kissed

Tonight’s Glee, titled, “Never Been Kissed,” had the boys competing against the girls.

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Will announces that Glee club will have a boys versus girls week, in preparation for sectionals.

Kurt is repeatedly harassed by a jock. When Will tries to help him, Kurt tells him that this is his battle alone. Kurt also tells Will that he needs more of a challenge in Glee club’s assignment, so Will tells Glee club that the boys must sing songs that are usually sung by women, and vice-versa.

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