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Britney Spears Sued for Sexual Harrassment, Exposed Herself

What would infuriate Britney Spears’ bodyguard Fernando Flores to sue her for sexual assault and even child abuse?


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Life & Style reports that bodyguard Fernando Flores filed a lawsuit against Britney Spears for claims that the singer “exposed herself to him and engaged in numerous sex acts in front of him.” The suit also describes Spears as making unwanted sexual advances toward Flores.

Most disturbingly, MTV news exclaims that, “Flores alleges that Spears had sex and engaged in violent arguments in front of her two young children, both of whom were often watched by Flores.” Spears was also targeted as having “savagely” hit her son Sean Preston with a belt. Her bodyguard who was mocked because of his accusations is claiming to have suffered from “emotional distress.” +Continue Reading

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