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Ivanka Trump Launches Collection of Affordable Shoes and Heels

Model and businesswoman Ivanka Trump has extended her fashionable and timeless handbag and jewelry lines to include shoes as well.

“There’s a great opportunity to position stylish, yet refined, shoes,” Ivanka, 28, said. “What you tend to see are totally unwearable, over-the-top styles, or [looks that are] comfortable to the point of forgoing any appealing aesthetic. I’m going for the middle.”

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Jessica Simpson’s Clothing Line Nearly Making $1 Billion in Sales

Jessica Simpson’s fashion line is expected to generate $1 billion in sales next year, which has proven itself to be a highly successful celebrity brand amongst her other less than lucrative endeavors and endorsements.


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As 2010 wraps up, Jessica’s collection earned more than $750 million this year - and the newly engaged celeb is planning on expanding her growing empire.

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Taylor Momsen Models for Madonna and Lourde’s Clothing Line

Madonna and her daughter Lola (formally Lourdes Ciccone Leon) have just released their clothing line for Macy’s department stores, and “Make Me Wanna Dieeee-ah” rocker and roller Taylor Momsen is the face of their new Material Girl fashions.


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Joining the likes of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham and Gwen Stefanie, Madonna has jumped on the fashion designer bangwagon for celebrities, and she’s giving all the credit to her teen daughter Lola. The clothing line is an affordable collection of shoes, dresses, accessories, swimwear, and lingerie.

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