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Glee Goes to Sectionals!

On tonight’s Glee, titled “Special Education,” New Directions goes to sectionals, while Rachel and Finn’s relationship crumbles.

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Tonight’s Glee started with Will asking Emma to go with him to sectionals. Emma tells Will that they Glee club should do something different this year and not always rely on the same talents (Rachel and Finn), but to give some of the others a chance.

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‘Furt’ is Born on Glee!

“Furt” was coined on tonight’s Glee, which included a Glee wedding, a Sue Sylvester wedding, and Carol Burnett’s guest appearance!

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Kurt’s dad Burt, and Finn’s mom, Carol, arrive at the school and tell Finn and Kurt that they’re engaged. Kurt insists on being their wedding planner, while Finn looks disappointed. Kurt announces they’re having a Glee wedding.

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Glee: Never Been Kissed

Tonight’s Glee, titled, “Never Been Kissed,” had the boys competing against the girls.

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Will announces that Glee club will have a boys versus girls week, in preparation for sectionals.

Kurt is repeatedly harassed by a jock. When Will tries to help him, Kurt tells him that this is his battle alone. Kurt also tells Will that he needs more of a challenge in Glee club’s assignment, so Will tells Glee club that the boys must sing songs that are usually sung by women, and vice-versa.

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No Nose Job for Lea Michele

Lea Michele says “no” when asked if she’d get a nose job.


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With her mom’s support, Michele, 24, has firmly refused to get a nose job, even though she was encouraged to as an actress.

Michele told GQ Magazine, “I was one of the only girls in my high school that didn’t get one. And if anybody needed it, I probably did. But my mom always told me, growing up, ‘Barbra Streisand didn’t get a nose job. You’re not getting a nose job.’ And I didn’t.”

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Duets on Glee!

Tonight’s episode of Glee included budding new romances, and Gleeks singing in couples…almost.

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The show opens with Will’s announcement that Puck is in juvie, and it’s unknown when he’s returning. He then introduces Glee club’s newest member: Sam Evans, and announces that they’ll have a duets competition. The best team would win dinner at Breadsticks.

Sam agrees to be Kurt’s duet partner, even against Finn’s warnings that it’d ruin his image. Finn accuses Kurt of chasing after Sam, and warns him that people will pick on Sam if he continues.

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Glee’s ‘Religious’ Episode

Grilled Cheesus, atheists finding God, and communal prayers for a medical miracle, tonight’s Glee was full of controversy but simultaneously pulled at the audience’s heartstrings.

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After Finn finds “Jesus” on his grilled cheese sandwich (I know, quite blasphemous), he preserves half the sandwich and promises God that he’ll pay tribute to him at Glee club if he answers his prayers (one being, to get to second base with Rachel).

When Finn presents his idea to Glee club, the atheist and mixed faith members oppose dedicating songs to Jesus. As a compromise, Will says that they are allowed to perform numbers about spirituality. Of course Sue steps in and threatens to go to the board about Will allowing religion in public schools.

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It’s Britney B****: Britney Spears Rocks Glee!

(…Or should I say Glee rocked Britney Spears?) The highly anticipated Britney Spears episode of Glee aired tonight and it was toxic.

Photo credit: John Stamos Twitter/FOX

And by toxic, I mean so amazing that Twitter even went down for a bit with all the Britney and Glee trending commotion.

The Britney Spears frenzy began after Carl, a dentist played by guest star John Stamos (aka sexy Uncle Jesse) gives Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera) laughing gas during a dental procedure. This “mild narcotic” sent the girls into a Britney Spears dreamland, where they became and met Britney.

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Glee’s Britney Spears Episode!

Glee cast member, Heather Morris, reveals details on next week’s highly anticipated Britney Spears episode.

Britney's tweeted Glee picture

Both Britney Spears and Glee fans are buzzing about Glee’s next episode, “Britney/Brittany” which will pay homage to the pop star.

Morris, who plays Brittany on Glee, told Australian magazine, TV Week, about the story behind the episode.

“Through a special substance, I go under and have a couple of dream sequences — not only myself, but with Santana [Naya Rivera]. A lot of it has to do with Will [Matthew Morrison] not allowing us to perform Britney Spears songs, because he doesn’t agree with what kind of entertainer she is, so it’s our fight to do Britney. But it’s not just us doing Britney in show choir; there are other sequences — it’s our homage to her.” +Continue Reading

Glee’s Triumphant Return!

Jay-Z…Lady Gaga…Dreamgirls...Glee’s second season started with a bang!

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Gleeks were happy to see their show premiere with the episode,”Audition.” Will Schuester warns that Glee club needs more members in order to win Nationals at New York City this year.

The gang goes on a hunt for new members while trying to make Glee club look good. Their rendition of Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” was what fans have been waiting for all summer.

When Will and Sue learn that their budgets are being cut to benefit the football team, they team up against new coach, Coach Beiste (played by Dot Jones). Their hilarious partnership soon ends when Will’s guilt kicks in. But don’t worry, Sue’s insults are still as funny as ever! +Continue Reading

Glee Season Two Premieres Tuesday!

Don’t miss Glee‘s returns with its second season tomorrow at 8/7c, on FOX.


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Are you Gleeks ready for new Glee episodes? The season opener, titled, “Audition” will air tomorrow night on FOX.

In “Audition,” Glee members will have to audition to join again, and Will Schuester proposes taking Glee in a new direction to get more people to join. Schuester warns them they need more members if they want to win at Nationals, which will be held in New York this year. +Continue Reading

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