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The Bachelor Chris: Week Three

Has Prince Farming, Chris Soules, become the sleaziest Bachelor – with a list including Juan Pablo?!

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Week three of this fabulous reality show has come to a conclusion… and the conclusion is Chris likes to kiss all the ladies.

For some reason, the producers thought that this episode need a little bit of help and brought in Jimmy Kimmel. He helped with some of the dates and provided some laughs but proved to be other wise useless – besides him crying at the end when he did not receive a rose.

One-one-one: Jimmy sent Chris and Kaitlyn on a romantic date to Costco. Yes, Costco. Somehow, they find themselves distracted by a huge blow-up ball and they both climb inside. The show then enlist some brief child labor to get a few girls to push them down an aisle – because thats what we all do at Costco. The highlight of the night = Jimmy calling Chris out on his horrific speeches. “You have a way with words. Are there people on the farm or just animals?” Thank you, Jimmy.

Group date: This ho-down includes Britt, Jillian, Becca, Tracy, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Amber, Ashley S., Juelia, Samantha, Nikki and Carly. The ladies have to prove themselves through five different activities: shucking corn, cracking eggs, milking goats (and drinking it), shoveling manure and wrestling a greased pig. While all bets were on Jillian, Carly emerges as the winner. But, does anyone really win when you have to wrestle a pig? Nope, didn’t think so.

In this date, Chris decides to do what he does best… which is make out with all the girls. Mackenzie decided to call him out on this, but then backed away before the drama got real.

One-on-one: A matching Whitney and Chris go out for a romantic dinner date at a resort… where there just happens to be a wedding happening (totally not planned at all!). So, they naturally decide to crash the wedding. I actually thought this date was really cute. But could have lived without Chris saying “I’m surprised by her… Theres a lot more going on than I thought.” So, you had no thoughts about her other than just another face? Sure.

Who went home: Amber, Tracy and Trina.

Somehow Ashely S. and Mackenzie managed to stick it out for another week. Still not sure how thats happening.

What did you think of the episode? Still liking Chris as the Bachelor?

The Bachelor Chris: Week Two

We have entered the dating side of Prince Farming… and he likes to get real close with all of the ladies!

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Where we left off last week was with bold Kimberly who come back to crash the cocktail party. She came back for a second chance, and he accepted.

First group date: Prince Farming had six gals compete in a tractor race… in bikinis. You can take the boy out of the farm, but he’s still bringing the tractors to LA. Single mom, Mackenzie got some one-on-one time and the rose from that date.

One-on-one: This one went to Megan, with a date that included a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon and a picnic lunch. She spilled quite a bit of emotional baggage, and he seemed to fall for her even more. I like this girl – we will see how she fairs! He did give her the rose on the date.

Second group date: Lets call this American Horror Story: Bachelor Edition. The second group date includes Kelsey, Trina, Alissa, Tracy, Jillian, Becca, Amber, Ashley S., Juelia, Kaitlyn, and Britt. I think he is finally understanding that Ashley S. is nuts…

Let’s see – things that were covered in this episode… Mackenzie came clean about being a mom, dead husbands and Ashley I being a virgin. This is going to be one interesting season.

Who went home: Alissa, Jordan, Kimberly (again), and Tara were sent packing. Really? No Ashley? Ugh.

The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Week Seven

 The week before The Bachelor travels to the remaining girls’ hometowns, all the girls travelled to Juan’s hometown!  And, where the girls go, the drama goes. 

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Charlene got the first one-on-one date stateside, and she went, reluctantly.  She looked like it was torture to go on this date, to the point where the other girls noticed. How awkward… But, she went, and did not stop kissing Juan the whole time. While she is kissing Juan, her on-camera interviews is going on and on about her mixed feelings and not feeling ‘mentally connected’ with Juan. (I am not sure there is much going on upstairs with Juan, but that’s a conversation for a different day.) But, she went on her date, and went home to the hotel.

Sharleen’s feelings got the best of her, and she ended up leaving. Juan was upset, but not as upset as I thought he would be. I guess that’s ok that she is gone then, because she was not feeling it, and neither were we.

Nikki got the second one-on-one date, where she met Camilla?! I do not understand Juan Pablo at all. He tells Clare that no girlfriend has ever met Camilla, and then he takes Nikki (and cameras) to meet her? I don’t get it – Juan needs to pick a side of the road, and stay there. Nikki’s date was uneventful, at least to me, and that’s ok. We are over her, anyways.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

Then, we come to the group date. The remaining girls, (Clare, Andi, Renee and Chelsie), went on a beach date. The girls were instructed by Chris Harrison to use their time wisely, since there is only one rose, securing one hometown date for the women. In a shock to us all, Andi received that rose! Andi was allowed to stay behind, while the other girls went back to the hotel. Juan and Andi frolicked in the in water (a no-no when Clare tried, remember?), and the rest of the girls got in a cat-fight.

This is the fight we have been waiting for all season! The epic Clare/Nikki showdown. These girls are all sorts of crazy, and have no reason to be here. Basically, both girls dislike each other and see no reason for the other to be here. Same drama, different city, no surprises.

Andi, received a rose on the group date, so that left only three roses for four women. Juan handing out the rose to Clare, Nikki and Renee, sending Chelsie home. Chelsie never really had any screen time with Juan, so that ok. But he did cry quite a bit when sending her home, so I guess he did have feelings for her.

I was missing Kat the whole episode, but the show must go on. I am hoping Renee can somehow come out on top and win, but I don’t see that happening.

Who do you think will win Juan in the end?

The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Week Five

The girls are in Vietnam, and the drama followed!

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

Renee got the first one-on-one date, and it was such a cute date! I am so glad that she got a one-on-one – she deserves one! However, she obsessed a little too much over Juan kissing her, but I am sure I would do the same! And, how cute was it that Juan bought something for her son?! So cute! A new dress for her, and a cute hat for her son. You are winning this date Juan, winning this date.

And then came the group date, or should I say, and then came Clare’s date with nine other girls. Seriously, if he wanted so much alone time with Clare, he should have asked her on a one-on-one! So trashy, even for Bachelor standards. You cannot take on girl back to your room and be alone with her for who knows how long, and then go back and kiss the other girls! But, not-at-all shocking turn, Clare got the rose. +Continue Reading

The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Week Four

Thirteen women left. And thirteen women have started turning on each other. I mean seriously, we have gotten to the point of talking behind their backs and name-calling. And, it is awesome.

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

The girls jetted of to Seoul, South Korea, and had some pretty great group dates. The first group date was so much fun to see! The girls were back-up dancers for Seoul’s popular K-Pop group 2ne1. (As Juan Pablo called them, “as popular as the Spice Girls in the US”, really Juan Pablo?) I would have died up on that stage, so major props to all the girls who went through with it! Even Nikki, who complained the whole time, still more courageous than me. Nikki received the rose, after hating on Kat. Seriously, why is everyone hating on Kat these days? Just because she is a better dancer, and showed her skills, doesn’t mean that you get to hate on her! #TeamKat +Continue Reading

The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Week Three

The claws have come out this week on The Bachelor! Week three was no disappointment, and had us questioning if some of the girls have ever seen the show!

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

This week on The Bachelor, it seemed that the drama overshadowed everything else! It seemed like the girls have never seen this show before! Getting mad because spicy Juan Pablo is kissing other girls after he kissed you? You did know what this show was about before you signed on, right?

Anyways, Cassandra and Chelsie got the one-on-one dates, and roses, this week. Neither date was that exciting, but I do have to give Chelsie some credit for jumping off of the bridge! I am not sure that is something that I could do. Yes, there was a ton of drama with that, but she jumped and Juan was happy. And, I was happy Juan had Billy Currington on their date! (Not as good as Luke Bryan from a few seasons back, but I’ll take it.)

The group date was cute – because it showed another side to Juan! If soccer is such a huge part of his life, then the girls need to see that side again. But, once again, any date that requires running? Not ideal for me.

Juan surprised the girls by making them breakfast, and cancelling the cocktail party for a pool party! All the girls were hating on Kat – girl had to do what she needed to do for some Juan-on-Juan time! Haters gonna hate, Kat.

Honestly, it seemed like no girl was happy with anyone talking to Juan, and they all kept getting mad that he was kissing other girls. So, I repeat my earlier question, have none of these girls seen this show? They do know that he will surely kiss all of them at some point or another, and likely within hours of each other? It is called The Bachelor… Hopefully, they get over this real quick! We need some better drama than this!

Lucy (aka the free spirit) and Christy went home this week, so that still leaves my favorites: Kat, Andi, Nikki and Renee.

What did you think of this episode? Would you ever go bungee jumping on a first date?

The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Week Two

Week two of every season always is my favorite. It’s when you start to see all of the girls true colors, and the drama comes out in full force.

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

The one-on-one dates have begun, and they were great! Clare was invited to the first one, and Juan turned LA into a winter wonderland. It was so cute, and he looked like he truly enjoyed her company… but I am over her. She seems like she is the next to have a mental breakdown, or be the new crazy one. Either way, over her, too bad she got a rose.

The second date went to our hometown girl, Kat! She was invited to be the grand marshal to the Electric Run with Juan. So cute! I loved how Kat was so laid back and took everything with a great attitude. I am not sure that I could have let go like that and just enjoyed it like she did. Love that she is staying another week! #TeamKat +Continue Reading

The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Episode One

Season 18 of The Bachelor is off to a typical teary, and joyous start! Night one of every season is always the best – first impressions make people do crazy things!

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo – Photo Credit: ABC

Clare, pretended to be pregnant (really?!), Amy J gave Juan a massage and Lucy came out barefoot with a flower crown. Let’s talk about awkward.

However, there were some amazing first impressions. Kat, our favorite from Scottsdale, asked Juan to show her how to salsa (AMAZING!) and Nikki, with her stethoscope for Juan to listen to her excited/nervous heart. +Continue Reading

The New Spicy ‘Bachelor’

The time is coming for the return of The Bachelor, and it is my favorite time of the year! And this particular Bachelor, is one of the most hyped-up ones yet! Juan Pablo Galavis is season 18’s pick!  (he is a pro soccer player, need I say more?)


And here is a running of the girls. +Continue Reading

The Bachelor’s Courtney Robertson on Dancing With the Stars?

Courtney Robertson, who won the heart of The Bachelor‘s Ben Flajnik on the most recent season of the ABC show, is reportedly in talks with Dancing with the Stars producers.


Photo Credit: ABC

Courtney, one of the most controversial contestants on The Bachelor, is rumored to make an appearance on the season premiere on the show on March 19. +Continue Reading

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